Thursday, September 27, 2012

Who Said It's My Birthday?!

So in trying to keep up with my's today's post about me not wanting my birthday to arrive.  Tomorrow is my birthday - bleh. 

I'm going to be Double Sweet Sixteen.  I'm normally not the girl that gets totally hyped about birthdays - but generally I'll do a lil something.  But this year - nothing.  It's going to rain tomorrow and I'm already just not excited.  There's no one around to go grab drinks.  SO next week I'm going to do a lil joint thing, but as for tomorrow - maybe a lil mani/pedi action is in store.  Maybe some takeout and a movie - I don't know - sky's the limit I suppose.  I'll check in tomorrow and let you know my status.  AKA if I haven't left my house and I'm in my PJ's with my head in the freezer searching for ice-cream.  Not trying to be all Debbie Downer but to sum it up...

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