Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Reader Recommendation!

Happy Wednesday all you party people!  I hope everyone has some fun and exciting plans for the weekend!  Due to the Easter holiday - I'm shipping up to Boston to spend the weekend with my parents & sisters.  I’m hoping for good weather - and as always - good food!  Might even get a chance to catch up with a few peeps living up there in good 'ol Baaaahhhhston.  Get it?!  That's "Boston" in a Boston accent.
Ok so anyway…Ruby sent along this fabulous website link to me today and I'd like to share!  It's calledBirchbox and you can join for $10 a month and you get a box full of beauty goodies each month!  You can also tailor your account to be sure that you're getting samples of products you actually might want to purchase.  There are also a ton of really great brands that are participating.  So if you love getting and testing out new products - this might be a fabulous way to do so!  It's also great because you've only spent $10 and not a ton of money for something if you don't like it.  

That's the worst!  It seriously maddens me when I spend money on something that I use once and then I hate it! 
This concept is also similar to the JewelMint and ShoeDazzle - only those you create a profile and everything is one price.  For JewelMint it's jewelry for $29.99 and for ShoeDazzle it's shoes for  $39.95. On both sites you create a profile and then they send you the shoes/jewelry that would best fit your style. Pretty cool - or as my boss would say "pretty nifty". 
Speaking of bargains - I'm so amped!  I took a pair of jeans to be hemmed - which btw I never have to do because of my height, but I digress.  I went to a few different places that all quoted $25+ to do a simple hem and a week to get them back.  THEN I stumbled upon this little gem called Dejavu - amazing friends!  $4.95/pair of pants or jeans!!  

I'm sorry - that's a steal!  I'll report on how they come out - but honestly, how badly can you screw that up?!  Let's circle back to that question when I pick them up in 2 DAYS and I'm now the proud owner of "jorts". 
Enjoy this gorg weather everyone!!  XOXO

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  1. as someone who regularly hems (all) my own pants because I'm almost a legal midget, i may start bringing jeans up to NYC for that price!