Tuesday, November 6, 2012

PSA - Very Important Info

So here's my PSA for today - actually I have 3. Two are semi-connected and one is not.

First PSA…VOTE! Get out there people! I voted this mronign - it was a mad house and I get that lines and waiting are annoying. BUT it's also really important - no matter who you support - just get out there.
I also got in trouble by a woman who was ummm about 90 years old because I wasn't voting fast enough. Oh I'm sorry - didn't realize how quickly you move so I'll be sure to hurry up! And BTW she worked there and was just trying to hurry people along - not ok!! I will take as long as I damn well please to decide and cast my vote…stand back lady!

As we approach the colder weather the second & third PSAs are slightly similar in nature. However each is equally as important as the other to keep in mind.
Second PSA…leggings are not pants. I repeat leggings are not pants. Period. End of statement.
I don’t care what you look like, how skinny you are, leggings are not to be worn as pants. The only time its slightly ok is at the gym. I get so annoyed when I see women prancing around in leggings and short tops. That's not how they are meant to be worn!

Please be a dear and cover your rear! PS - I just made that up - but I should copyright it as my legging slogan.

Third PSA…tights are not leggings. Especially when they are not opaque. You'd be shocked to find the amount of women walking around and you can see right through their pants/leggings/tights.

See how the two go together - because it's even worse when people wear their tights as leggings as pants. Stop the madness!!!

Ok - that's my 2 cents for the day. Please heed these warnings and think next time before you step out of the house.

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