Monday, November 4, 2013

Hallo...WHAT is she wearing?!?!

Well hello my little pumpkins!!  Or actually Halloween is over (kinda glad), so I guess you'd be my lil cornucopias!   

So not much has happened since I last checked in.  My summer and fall kinda got away from  me between work, personal & family stuff it's been a bit nuts.  But now things are settling down, so I feel a lot better about everything!

So this past weekend was Halloween in NYC.  Which is kinda like one of the worst situations of life if you ask me.  I've never been a huge Halloween person, it kinda stresses me out.  I liken it to New Year's Eve - a lot of hype and then I'm normally let down.  So I decide to just become a hermit/90 year old woman on both of these holidays.  BUT Halloween in NYC is just a spectacle to behold.  Many girls takes this opportunity to dress like a complete slores, while I take the opportunity to dress in the biggest/most comfortable thing I can find (aka a pumpkin, bunch of grapes, bumble bee, etc.).  This past weekend I had to witness, among other things, this group of girls in their "80s gear" - soooo leotards, tights & leg warmers and they pretended that the 80s was basically equated to 1947.  I just sat there thinking  - I lived that - you didn't - you're little twits (hence the 90 year old woman coming out).  But they were flouncing (I'm going to pretend that's a word) in their no bras and tights and exposed backs and everything like it was normal and they were the hottest things in the bar.  Soooo I decided to enlighten you all with a few jems from this past Halloween of what actual people dressed up as (in addition to the usual suspects…sexy nurse, sexy police woman, sexy princess, etc)…this is not a drill…girls went out in public like this thinking it was fine because it was Halloween….and the actual names of these costumes are listed below…I repeat the ACTUAL names of these costumes…
Blast Off!  Astronaut

Candy Corn Cutie

Cherry Pie

Princess in Prison

Sexy Corn

Sexy Halloween

Yo Mummy

Bascially this is me watching all these youngins…

On another note…I also watched the marathon this weekend - congrats to all those runners!!  It's a tremendous amount of work, effort, sweat, tears, time, but it's one of the most rewarding and amazing experiences you'll ever have in your life.  Well done!! 

So I'll be on my way now.  I promise I'll be a bit better now that things have calmed down around me.  Until next time…Happy Monday!!

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