Friday, December 2, 2011

European Adventures - Part 6: Take It Home!

Ok here's the next…and FINAL…installment of my European travels!  Hope you've enjoyed the recaps and you've lived vicariously through me!!
Day Nine
Ok so as mentioned - actually I don’t know if I did mention this - we had one more Gaudi thing to do!! We left bright & early in the morning to go to the Casa Batlló.  This is it from the outside…

And the inside did not disappoint.  The colors were spectacular and his visions were just unreal.  I seriously LOVED this house - like I didn't want to leave/want to live there forever.  We did an audio tour which I was pretty much obsessed with.  I'm such a nerd - but I love learning about these things!! Here are some pics:

After we were done there, we just wandered around and did some shopping.  Sydney and I both purchased a bag from this store Hakei - the bags were gorg!  AND my sister, Sydney & I also ALL bought the perfume - smells so good - I mean it's sure to hook me a boyfriend…any day now…
The night was low key, Sydney wasn't feeling that good, so my sister and I had a nice dinner at this little hole in the wall restaurant.  It only sat about 20 people and was so dark and cozy.  Had some great wine and food!!
Day Ten
The next day was our last day in Barcelona (insert sad face).  We went  to the Picasso Museum and theJoan Miró Museum.  I enjoyed both - but they were not my favorites/ not what I expected.  Definitely worth it - if you're looking for something to do - but I just liked the other stuff better.  After the Miró museum, we went to see the Magic Fountains.  Now this is more my speed.  It was INCREDIBLE!  It was like Disney, beauty, water, craziness, music, all rolled into one!  The show was about 20 minutes and I loved it!  Basically it's this huge fountain and they play music and change lights and put on this spectacular situation.  Here's a pic and some video:

Then we were all depressed and sad that we had to go home.  So we went back and packed and tried to be excited to be returning back to the good 'ol U S of A!
Day Eleven
Came way too fast!!  We had to get up bright and early (6 am) in order to be at the airport in time for flights.  Our cab driver had to drive down Las Ramblas to get us to the airport and it was strewn with people just making their way home - amazing.  We saw drunk people, crazy people, prostitutes, etc. - it was great - a good variety!  We all made it through security without a hitch and the flight back was pretty seamless (minus the extra 2 + hours we had to wait on the tarmac due to "scheduling issues"). 
And if you think Steve Wozniak wasn't in front of me at customs in Newark - you're wrong.  And some idiot got in trouble for taking a picture of the 2 of them - so dumb.  The cop flew over and started screaming.  So we got through, got bags, said our good byes to return to our designated cities.  Just when I thought my travels were ending - they were just beginning - much to my dismay.  I jumped on what I thought would be a 2 second ride on the Airtran to go to the NJ Transit station - to head back to Penn Station - oh I'm sorry - it's broken!  

AND you're stuck there because you can't walk/go anywhere to get a cab.  So you have to wait until its fixed.  No worries 2 1/2 hours later - it was up and running! So you can imagine how angry, tired, had it, I am at this point.  Finally got to NJ Transit - get on train - stop…held for another 20 minutes because of something I don’t even know.  Get to Penn Station - fly onto an elevator - hit the buttons…we move…doors open…we're right back to where we started.  It's only letting off at one stop…exactly where a homeless man is laying across the exit - obviously.  So I hoist my suitcase up…cursing the whole way…get out in the completely opposite side of Penn that I need to be.  Careen my way through the station and out to the taxi line.  45 minutes later I get in a cab. Finally - I'll be home in 10 minutes.  Oh how wrong I was!  Don’t' worry - Batman is filming on my street - right by my apt!  Bumper to bumper traffic - is this some kind of sick joke?!  It took me an hour and a half to get home - I repeat an hour and a half!!  At this point I literally started crying in the cab - I had just had it.  

Could. Not. Take. Anymore.  My cab driver was so sweet - he was like "please don’t cry I'm trying my best ma'am - I'm gonna get you home as soon as we can".  FINALLY we pulled outside my building - home at last!!!  I ordered food and took a nice hot shower and went to bed! EXHAUSTED!! 
It took me a few days to regroup from the jet lag, but it was totally worth it!  Such an amazing trip and I highly recommend it!  If you ever need suggestions - just let me know!!!  Enjoy your weekends!! XOXO

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