Wednesday, December 7, 2011

A Random Little Post

So two very different things/thoughts for this post.  The first is about a homeless man I encountered last night and the second is a recap of Teen Mom 2.  So here we go!
Homeless Man:
Last night I was waiting for the subway when I heard a boisterous voice coming from a few feet up. He happened to be sitting not far from where I stand to catch the subway (I have it perfectly mapped out to let me off right by the exit…obviously).  It was quite a pleasant voice - similar to one you'd hear on the radio - and then I started to really listen to what was coming out of his mouth.  He was making convictions of sorts and these statements were quite bold…but perhaps not as beautiful.  Let me break this down for you - here are my top 2 favorites (despite his repeating some of them, he did have a few more, but they weren't as profound).
1.  "Love is never sweet like honey!" 
So there you have it!  Just when you think it's all sugar and greatness - it gets sticky and complicated! However - I'd challenge this because there are many a time that love is very sweet and quite enjoyable…just like honey!  I just thought this was an odd statement to be yelling from the bench, but who am I?!

2.  "If you're having trouble with a woman...find yourself a lesbian!"
Sooo about this.  Very interesting point…but…what the what?!  This makes absolutely no sense,  but he just kept saying it over and over again.  The  guy standing next to me couldn't stop laughing.  

It was the most insane statement ever!  What does it even mean?!  I was dying. 

Bottom line - you gotta love New York!  These hidden "gems" are all around - you just have to listen for them!

Teen Mom 2:
Ok so seriously - this might be the beginning of the end of me watching this season.  It really kinda annoyed me and I was bored in like .2 seconds.  BUT for those of you who did watch, here is my 2cents!
LeahOh Leah - you are trying, bless your heart.  If you could just lay off the tanning!  
Now she's gonna be working full time and hopefully the girls will be ok.  Corey is being a huge jerk and not supportive - I'm curious to see what their breaking point is and when they get divorced.  And that poor little pumpkin - they still don’t know what 's wrong with her.  So sad.  Hopefully they'll get that straightened out soon and Corey will grow up just a tad.
KailynShe seems to have her shiz together the most out of all 4.  It was good to seem her and Joe getting along.
And her new BF, Jordon, seems like a total nerd alert - but a pretty nice guy.  My only gripe with her is that she is such a Debbie Downer.  She seriously needs to stop with the faces and the constant angst look.  She always looks miserable and like she's about to cry or has just been pouting for about 7 years. Seriously - smile - just for a few minutes.
Seriously gurrrrl pull it together!  
That bum of an ex of yours is no good!  Adam is just trying to lure you back in and then break your heart AGAIN!  It's not just getting annoying.  And it's not like he has anything good to even offer you.  He's not cute, he doesn't make any money, and he's not even good to you & your daughter!  AHHH stop running back to him!!!  Ok now I'm getting all verklempt!! 

Janelle, Janelle, Janelle.  Cyrusly - you're a train wreck.  

That low life gross BF of yours has gots to go!  And the sneaking around?!  What part of you did not think you were going to get caught?? Especially when you loan him your car!  Are you that dumb or were you trying to get kicked out?? And that poor lil one Jace - stuck in the middle of all this insanity.  She should not be allowed to go near that child - she should be banned from the house and just have the mom raise that little boy.  He has the fear of God in him every time the camera is on him.  I just feel bad for him.   And then pretending to cry and be all sad that your mom took him away?!  Not a pretty sight!!
She's such a disaster - she needs serious help! 
Ok - week is almost over!  Almost Friday the time to party!  And tis the season to partay!!  I have a great weekend coming up - I hope you're whipping those plans into shape!!  XOXO

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