Thursday, February 16, 2012

Lastest Movie Love

So Giuliana and I took ourselves to see The Vow last night.  And let me tell you, I'm not embarrassed or ashamed to say I really enjoyed it.  Had a few tears, had a few laughs, had a good time in general. The thing to me that is so bananas is that this is a real life story.  Without giving too much away, it's seriously one of the most romantic stories I've heard in quite some time.  The Today show just had the "real" couple on, here's a clip.

I mean it really is an incredible story.  And lets just say that staring at Channing Tatum for 2 straight hours really wasn't that upsetting & not gonna lie - Rachel McAdams is just so pretty! 

Soooo what does everyone have in store for the weekend??  I don’t have too  many plans - looking forward to a relaxing weekend.  I'm heading to CT on Saturday to visit my bestie and her family!  I can't wait to see their faces!!  And then I think my parents might come in one day - so that will be good.  I'm also dying to see The Descendants - so I'm going to try to fit that into my schedule, too! 
P.S. do you all think it's funny that I just went to put on chapstick and squeezed the tube a little too hard apparently and it all went in my mouth - God help anyone that walked by my office at that moment, as I'm sure I looked just lovely!  And side note I knew someone that used to call chapstick/lip balm: "lip chap".  

I just find this wrong on so many levels.   Is it like a regional thing??  Does everyone do this?!  I can't remember who exactly it was, but if my mind isn't failing me (which it most likely is) I think it was a girl from good 'ol Pennsey!  I mean is it the equivalent to like "soda" and "pop"?!  I've never heard anyone else say it, but who am I??  Just not someone too fond of the phrase I suppose. 
Anywyas, I digress.  I have to run to the bathroom for 87th time today!  This water drinking sure is annoying!!  Have fab weekends everyone!!

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