Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Happy Monday…I Mean Tuesday

Happy day back from a long weekend!! So gross!! First off - I need to wish a very special someone a happiest of birthdays!! Sydney's bday is today and I hope it's just fabulous!!

 We'll be celebrating this coming weekend in Atlantic City - so more on that to follow!!

I wound up having a great weekend! I had a last minute wedding invitation for Saturday - it was a co-worker, so no offense was taken that I got the invite on Monday! Basically another co-worker was getting married and there were 5 of us that went to the wedding - so much fun. I even got to see my little CCK in between the ceremony & the reception. Don’t worry we rolled in style - NBD we took a limo from NY to NJ. We had bevies in the car and it was just a really fun night. Some dancing, some drinking, some eating, a lil this a lil a that. This was my attire…and I got myself a blowout - which was fab.

Eliza J - sooo flattering - hard to see but there's rouching all along the sides that nicely hides what you don't want seen!

Bandolino - I needed a "pop" of color and these were comf and perfect

Aldo - this bag matched wierdly perfectly to my shoes...perfect tie in for the whole outfit

And some new makeup at Bobbi Brown - also fab!! I'm obsessed with these new things I got and I was obsessed with my makeup artist - there were no blemishes to be had on my face and she did such an unbelievable job. I told her to "make it look like I did it but better". Here are the new products I purchased:
Long-Wear Even Finish Compact Foundation - loving this style of foundation and it truly lasts all day

Lip Balm - it's amazing and leaves your lips soft and the best pink shade

Illuminating Bronzing Powder - it really highlights and brightens your face
After the reception we rolled on back to NYC and proceeded to go to another bar - because that was necessary. It's not like I was just singing Public Enemy in the limo home and making a fool out of myself - I def needed more drinks apparently. While in this bar I proceeded to walk up to a stranger …at a table…I repeat a stranger…with coworkers looking on and pull his hood over his head. I'm sorry what is wrong with me?! All I could think about was that part in Austin Powers where they're on Jerry Springer and Dr. Evil runs around the stage yelling "I got your hood. I got your hood.".  I thought I was simply hilarious. Thankfully his friends did too - no harm no foul?! What is my life??

Sunday was a total wash - I literally didn't get off the couch/leave my apartment. It was simply glorious. Sometimes you just really need days like that. I also was able to watch all things Beyonce and my love for her has grown even more than I thought it would. I saw her new documentary and her interview with Oprah. I mean - I just love her.

She's so real and awesome and beautiful and and and! I could go on. And don’t get me started on Blue Ivy - I mean could she be more precious/is a carbon copy of Jay-Z.

Yesterday was also a great day - I got to go see my bestie and her 2 little ones. They're so adorbz - I just love them to pieces! We had a great time playing and catching up!

And now I'm here - back at work - going to the gym after work - all things gross. Annnd people are driving me bananas. 

Buuuut silver lining - it's Tuesday, which means it's almost Wednesday, which means we're half way through!!

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