Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Barre Bonanza

First things first - a quick update from my last post.  I decided to go balls out and text that guy - what do I have to lose?!  Just my pride, dignity, respect, self esteem, etc.  So I sent something very "breezy" Thursday night.  CRICKETS.  I have not heard AN word from him.  
Once again - put myself out there - shot down.  So basically he's dead to me….moving on.
I got an email from my gym yesterday about a new "Beyond Barre" class it was demoing.  
I've been dying to try one of these classes for awhile, so I figured taking a free one now might be a good idea.  Then if I hate it I won't have to wonder and if I love, I best start saving my pennies!  I signed up for the 7 am class this morning.  Upon my alarm going off at 6 am - I strongly advised myself that it would be in my best interest to go back to bed.  I sat in bed for a solid 5 minutes trying to figure out what to do.  Finally I flung myself into the bathroom and decided to hop to it and get my butt in gear!  I grabbed my bags and cabbed it across town.  The gym location is right by my work, so it made it easy.  This one is a little weird though - it's actually in a hotel (only in NYC), so you have to go through the  hotel to get up there - I was a little lost - but some poor woman took pity on me and guided me through. 
Class did NOT disappoint.  It was awesome.  Only 5 of us showed up - so it was a great size.  We used the ballet bars - that Sydney - is where all of my "practicing" came into play!  Side note - one time when Sydney and I were living together, she came in my room as I was "practicing" in the mirror all of my ballet positions (from back in the day).  I wanted to see if I could remember/still do them.  When she walked in she was all "what in the world" and we still joke about it - so excuse me Sydney - who's laughing now?!  Anywho - it was great and we even did stuff on a glide board - that was a lil tricky especially so early in the morning!  All in all - great class - kicked my butt - sweated up a storm (shocking). 
I went back into the locker room to start getting ready for work.  Took my shower - why the insist on only handing out basically hand towels for you to wear/dry off is beyond me - sorry I'm just a lil larger/ I needed like 4 towels.  Put on my makeup, etc go back to get dressed.  Take out the cute little outfit I packed…digging…digging…oh wait - I'm sorry…what?!  I FORGOT UNDIES AND A BRA!  I REPEAT I DID NOT BRING UNDIES OR A BRA!!!  
Sheer panic came over me.  Like I'm dying.  Sweating even more.  What am I gonna do?!  I'm already running late to work - can't go back home - it's too early for things to be open yet - it was 8:25 AM!!  I can't put on the ones I wore to the gym - they were literally dripping (sweat coupled with the fact that they fell in the shower after I "hung" them over the shower door).  So I did what any respectable girl would do - I free balled it to work.  All the while arms crossed and bags over the boobs.  So ridiculous.  I got in, waited until 9 am and walked right back out and to the Gap where I purchased a bra and undies (on sale might add) and put them on in the dressing room.  So much to handle before 9:30 AM on a Wednesday!!!
I totally missed the Teen Mom finale last night - so don’t tell me what happens!!  I hope Gearry's  mom and her glasses make a few appearances and Farrah has another hissy fit about something Michael did.  Anyone watching the new shows???  Up All Night - love.  New Girl - love.  And I saw the Glee & 90210 premiers last night - off to a good start!!  CAN. NOT. WAIT. For Modern Family & Happy Endings tonight!!  
Epic!!  Ok gotta run - almost through the week!!  XOXO
Oh and PS - I can barely walk after the class and I'm currently sitting at my desk with a tennis ball behind my back trying to "work out" my back situations.  So worth it though - my legs are gonna feel like rubba tomorrow!!

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