Thursday, September 1, 2011

Teen Mom Speed

Hi Friends!! Sooo there was this little thing called Hurricane Irene and seriously - she was a lil beotch! I got stuck in NJ for a few days and my parents JUST got power back - totally crazy. I was living like a pioneer and let me tell you - I was not cut out for that lifestyle!

Anywho - I've gotten back to civilization and things are starting to settle down. So without further adieu - I'll give you my latest Teen Mom recap. And PS - what the what is going down on the Jersey Shore?! It's getting hella crazy - I can't wait for tonight! Oh and PPS - who's sooo excited that Beyonce and Jay-Z are having a baby - I literally got teary eyed after her performance - sooo much love!

Ambular - You need to go away. I'm so over you and your drama. Geeary sends her like a million roses (again - where is this money coming from) and she's sitting with her latest and greatest loser beau and he gets on the phone and starts yelling at Geeary and fighting. Such WT up in this piece! I can't handle it. And then Geeary is just trying to set up his tree/rod with a few things sticking out. The poor baby is running around with (yet again) no clothes on. It's just a nightmare. Then Amber starts freaking out about not being a "family" putting up the tree.

At what stage did you think you were a family?! Was it when you were punching your baby daddy?? Going out on your umpteenth date?! Or when you were neglecting your child?! I'm just a lil confused. Seriously - pull it together gurl!

Maci - Again - kinda vanilla this week. The best part is when they were playing with Bentley (who is getting more and more adorbs by the week)

and they all had on Toy Story "costumes".

She needs to just pony up and head on back to school. Get your degree and lets move on!

Catelyn - Once again - my heart bleeds for these two. They move into another new house and hope that they'll be able to afford this one. Her dad comes back into town, after being away for 4 years. At one point her response to the question "are you excited to see him" she yells "heck yeah I am - I haven't seen him in forever".

He is seemingly the most normal parent (with exception to Tyler's mom who does try hard). I don’t know where he's been hiding and why he doesn't come around - he needs to be there for her. She needs one ounce of stability in her life. I hope he gets this job and is in fact normal and comes back and helps these two!

Farrah - Oh Farrah, my disdain for you is growing weekly. I CAN NOT handle her much longer. Talk about little beotch - girlfriend needs to check herself.

She does nothing but yell, bitch, and complain. I'm not saying her parents are amazing, they have issues, but they are depicting them to be Saints right now. I don’t know why they'd even want her to stick around - I'd send her packing on the first flight out! I think the only thing they like about her is her child. So this week Arizona is the place that she HAS to move to. Her parents tag along and she does nothing but yell at them. All the while they are paying her way, taking care of her child, and helping her. It ends with her yelling that they need family counseling to communicate (while shoving her face with food that her parents prob bought) and Michael calming (as always) agrees. I can't wait to see how this goes! This girl needs a reality check or a one way ticket!

Ok - consider yourselves up to Teen Mom speed! Can't wait to see JS tonight - epic!! XOXO

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