Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Hello Hello Party People!!  How's everyone doing?!  A few things that we'll go over today!!  First...I hope you all had fabulous weekends - I know I did!
My sister came into town on Saturday and we walked around Union Square - they have this adorable famer's market on Saturdays - all local stuff.  So it was fun to just walk around and see what they had to offer!  Later on we had dinner at The Smith - umm can we talk about how delish?!  I'm still thinking/dreaming about it!  It was so good.  Afterwards we met up with Giuliana and Carrie for drinks at Cibar - I love this place.  It's a great "in between" bar when you're not quite ready for a rowdy place.  Of course following this there was only one place to go - obviously The Canal Room to see the Rubix Cubes.  Once again (if you recall the last time) - they did NOT disappoint - it was off the charts.  I seriously can't handle them and every song you just wanna throw your hand up and fist pump like the true New Jerseyian that I am!  I love every second of this place - it's just that fun. 
Sunday my parents came in and we went to brunch at Bar Americain.  It's one of Bobby Flay's restaurants and again - did. Not. Disappoint.  I basically licked my plate clean.  Yes - I'm THAT girl.  We then went on to see Anything Goes - seriously if you haven't seen it - get your butts there!  

This play was phenom!   As a prior tap dancer - I know "what it takes" and these people are so beyond mega talented.  I basically crying with joy/excitement during one number.  And right now the grandmother from Gilmore Girls is in it and a few other famous people.  

The main character - Sutton Foster - OMG girlfriend is unbelievable!  

It's a must see - just fun show!
And last night was another fun night!  We went to the Mets game - things got cray cray.  Giuliana has these amahhhhzing season tix and she wanted to take me and Carrie - unfortunately, she got sick yesterday and wasn't up for going, so we decided to invite Hazel.  We get there after I basically sweat like 8 pounds off on the subway ride over and we were searching for our seats.  Finally find them - Oh, I'm sorry…what?!  We're basically behind home plate (7th row) and slightly to the left.  We're then informed that we can get free hot dogs, chips, pretzels & popcorn in the "lounge".  You would have thought that the 3 of us had never eaten before in our lives.  We dove in there - each had about 3 rounds worth and hten were ready to watch the game.  A few beers here and there and things were getting entertaining!  Carrie was really adamant about wanting to "engage" the opposing team.  I will give her credit - she did get a lil wink & nod from Edgar Renteria - it was hilar.  

We also became friends with the staff - Samantha, Phil & Al.  One of Giuliana's family friends came down to say hi and insisted on getting us more food - it was completely opposite of what we needed.  All in all it was great night and we had so much fun - it just would have been even better if Giuliana hadn't gotten sick!
So here we are - guys full disclose I'm having heart palpitations about the fall TV schedule.  I'm already behind on Gossip Girl (missed last night) and I wanted to see that new Hart of Dixie - with Rachel Bilson.  Tonight 90210 & Glee are competing and New Girl oh and let's not forget Teen Mom Check-Up with Dr. Drew!  I missed Giuliana & Bill and RHOBH the other night. I have so much to catch up on and so little time to do it without getting completely behind!!  Seriously - anxiety attack happening right now. 
And I should mention that I'm in a complete womp womp mood - someone is having a birthday tomorrow and that girl is me!  I just don’t really like my birthday and kinda want it to be over.  I mean it's possibly fun for a hot second 

and then it's not at all and then I'm all...  

But I have a lil lunch date with my bestie and her little boy - so that will for sure make my day a lil bit better!  For now - I have a lot of TV to watch so I'll be signing off!  XOXO

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