Monday, April 4, 2011

I Die

This past weekend my older sister came to town. Saturday was gorg out - so we took advantage of the nice weather and obvi the Friends & Family at Bloomingdales. Saturday night was epic. Shenanigans ensued and it was by far one of - if not the - best nights of my life.

We met up with Giuliana & Carrie for dinner. We went to Diablo Royal in the West Village. So delish - I had their fish tacos (crispy & grilled) and I'm still thinking about them. I wish I could actually eat one right now. And their guac is just delish! So - for all you NYC'ers - if you haven't been - get your butts there fast!

After dinner we decided to go to Barrow Street Alehouse - again - so fun. We got ourselves a little booth right by the door - perfect for people watching. It's at this location that things started to get a lil cray cray. Giuliana thought it would be a good idea to yell (actually quietly yell) "peek a boo" to everyone that walked through the door. Some people took it well and smiled, others got angry. Not sure what prompted this little game - but I just have one word for it - HILAR! Honestly people's reactions to stuff like this just kill me. Anyways - as Giuliana is entertaining me, we realize that Carrie is practically falling asleep, obviously we would now call her "Sleepy Jim" (SJ for short) for the rest of the evening. The waitress brought us over their "form" of Red Bull to take a taste and see if that would help - basically it tasted like lighter fluid and I could barely choke it down - but I poured it in my beer and hoped for the best! It is at this location that I also decided that I'd respond to everything someone said with "I die" - obvi channeling my inner Rachel Zoe.

As we're sitting in our little booth having the best time ever and laughing until I cried, we noticed that there was a group of guys sitting behind us. They looked like fun enough guys just out for a night on the town. Minus the creepy one that sat next to my sister - GROSS - he was married and kept rubbing her leg - there's always one creepster in every group! At one point I glanced over and one of them was basically blowing me kisses and mouthing things to me. Obviously prompting my sister and Giuliana to yell - "Really?! That's your 'opening' - why don't you come over here introduce yourself like a normal man and talk to her". To which I responded "I die". So basically they totally called this dude out - hilar. Next thing I know he comes over and starts talking to me. They tell him that he should ask me out on a proper date. It was redic. So then we start chatting and my sister and I realize that he actually grew up in our home town - well at least until he was about 6/7 years old. We are both freaking out because our home town is like AN person big. So anyone we meet that has even heard of it is huge! So we chatted for awhile - he was actually pretty funny/nice. He kept buying our drinks - which was totally cool. One of his friends actually made Carrie take a shot of Tequila and this was the exchange:

Carrie: "No I really can't Tequila makes my crazy, I’m fine thanks."
Guy: "No seriously - I already bought you have to take it!"
Carrie: Throws it back and replies "No more Sleepy Jim"!

Then they told us we should all meet up with them at this place, Canal Room - there'd be an 80s band, etc. So my new BF took my number and told me to text him when we got there, etc.

We finished up at that bar and decided to go over to Canal Room to check it out. We got all the way over there and get to the door and there was a $20 cover charge! Our feelings were unanimous and we all thought that was just insane. But then we started to hear the music. We decided that we'd stand there for 5 minutes and see if it was worth it. In about 0.2 seconds - we all looked at each other and grabbed our $20 bills - this place was AWESOME! We get in and there is a live band covering 80s music called Rubix Cube (here's a pic)…

The place is set up like a warehouse and honestly - AMAZING. Immediately we see the guys from the bar and we all start dancing. I was having so much fun. At one point Africa was playing and my new BF had Giuliana's coat over his head/over mine & Giuliana's heads and the three of us were all just dancing like that was normal. I had texted Juan & his friend, Shakira (who I adore) to join us. Next thing I know I look over to find Juan rolling in with bright orange Wayfarers on - hysterical - we all embraced like we'd never seen each other before and immediately went back to dancing/having the best night of our lives. Basically we closed the place down - I looked around at one point and there were about 20 people left in the whole place! The music was just so fun - every time we tried to leave something even BETTER came on!

After that we obvi went to our fave diner on the way home. A little grilled cheese never hurt anyone at 4 am. My ears were ringing and we all could not stop laughing about our evening. So redic/so fun!  It's also worth noting that Giuliana and I thought it would be hilar to send my new BF a text that said "What the what no goodbyes?!" because he never told us he was leaving.  Needless to say - I don't think we're BF/GF anymore - haven't heard from him - shockingly!

Sunday morning was a little slower. We had breakfast and then I sent my sister on her way. So glad the night was so successful - I mean she needs a reason to come back soon!!

To sum up this past Saturday night - I DIE!

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