Thursday, March 31, 2011

Things That Annoy Me - Volume 1

I don't know if it's the weather or the fact that I'm totally exhausted or what is going on - but I am Class A Cranky today! I'm so freaking grumpy! I mean I don’t know why I wouldn't' be excited for the snow we're getting tonight - I mean it is APRIL after all! Whatever the cause - I'm angry today and everything is just down right pissing me off. Soooo I've compiled a few things that really just annoy me!

1. SLOW WALKERS! I'm sorry but if you have to walk slow, that is completely fine, totally understandable - but please step aside! I can't stand it when someone knows that I can't get around them and they continue to move at the speed of a snail. And the worst is when I do try to get around them and their "spidey senese" kicks in and they cock block my every move! This is how I feel…

Like this morning - this woman and her damn umbrella were in front of me and I was trying to pass her - I go to the right - she goes to the right - I dodge left - she dodges left. Anyone behind me must have been dying laughing because I looked like a lunatic. Finally I yelled out (not quite meaning to be so loud) "SERIOUSLY?!", and when she turned to look at me, I was able to duck and roll! Small victories. Anyway - I just think there should be a "slow lane", if you will, on every sidewalk. Period.

2. Women that wear their hair down at the gym/working out. How can that be comfortable or fun?! When I work out it looks as if I have just jumped in a pool - I know I'm not the "norm" - but seriously, everyone sweats. Why would you want your long, flowing locks to be all messed up in that. Gross. It just makes me angry. Get a damn elastic and put your hair up!

3. People that only go one floor on the elevator. Now I work on the 13th floor of a building. And I get not wanting to walk 8 flights of stairs. But it just really gets me when people get on at the 7th floor and go to the 6th floor. I'm sorry - walk a flight of stairs!! You are holding up all the other people in the building. Obviously if you can't physically do it, I'm not talking to you - but for those of you that are perfectly healthy enough to hoof it up one flight - please, for the love of God - just do so!

4. Speaking of elevators - I hate it when people don't hold the elevator for you. You all know and have experienced what I'm talking about. They see you coming, they know you need to get on, and they hit "close doors". And if I'm quick enough to get there and just make you mad that I did in fact "make it" - this is what you'll see…

Because - seriously - you had to do that?! You had to close it on me?! Pretty sure I hate you and I say to you - Good Day!

5. People that get too close to me and are in my personal space. Obvi if I'm in a crowd or its necessary - it's fine. I'm talking about unnecessarily getting all up in my grill. For example, a few weeks ago I was at Nordstrom with my mom. We were in the shoe department - pretty standard - and I was going to try on a pair of shoes. The place was not crowded, so I picked a couch that was a little off to the side. It's a 3 cushion couch with "dividers" in the middle - they were like "arms" of a couch separating each cushion. Here's a visual…

So I sat on the one to the far left and began trying on my shoes. I kid you not this woman came over and I realized she was going to sit on my couch - which fine - there are 10 others to chose from - but it's fine. And then she did what I didn't even think was possible. She sat right between me and the "divider" of the cusion. So now the both of us were sharing one couch cushion. What the F?! I looked at her with such question and anger in my face - you'd think she'd get up. But no - she stayed right there and two of us were perched on this stupid cushion. My mom glanced over and burst out laughing and simply said, "only you - this would only happen to you!".

That little rant really helped my mood - it was very therapeutic! Do you have things that just really piss you off?? I'd love to hear them!! Other people's anger towards ridiculous things makes me surprisingly happy!

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