Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Missed Connections

I was out to dinner with my friend Heidi the other night.  She was in town from DC and I don’t get to see her much anymore, obvi since I moved to NYC.  We had a lot of catching up to do!!  So we were discussing our dating lives or lack there of and she was telling me about her friend that was on a date as we spoke.  She said she met this girl through “Missed Connections”.  At first I pretended like I knew what she was talking about, then it became apparent that I had no clue what that was – she explained.  For those of you that are as out of the loop as I am, it’s this site through Craigslist and basically it’s a sort of personnel ad section – but with a twist!  The twist being that you have encountered the other person at some point.  For example, I’m at this bar and meet a guy, we start to chat and have a great convo, then my friends want to leave and off we go.  I never got his number and we have no way of getting in touch.  So I go onto “Missed Connections” and write a description of the encounter and what he looked like.  If by chance he reads it, he will know it’s him and he’ll respond – we’ll go on date – fall in love – get married.  Obviously.

After my night with Heidi, I decided to go online and see what all the hype was about.  I got into the site and let me tell you – some of these are hilar.  There is one for every city and its prefaced with “w4m” – which I of course thought “wait for me”, after I looked a little bit more, I realized that in fact means “woman for man” or “man for man” and so on.  I thought I’d share a few of my favorites with you:

NYSC 36 and Madison 6:30pm - Hi Mr Green Shirt - m4m - 31 (Midtown East)
You arrived as I was getting out the shower, stared at each other a bit then you said hi as you left changing room
You're hot bro ;)
tv celebrity who i met today - m4m (looooong shot )
important news network guy i met earlier today at a midtown location (for business).........i want to be discrt
i hope you can make sense of this hint:
what to wear for the awards dinner?
i think you're smoking hot. you can have my ass anytime!
re: chat maybe more - w4m - 34 (new york)
I'll take a chance on you. What do you use for chat? I am on chatnuaghty if that's cool with you. let me know,,, either way.
LCD Soundsystem dance partner - Monday night - w4m - 29
Me: blond, black and white top and slightly intoxicated.
You: tall, cute, brown hair...
Had a great time dancing with you -- even if I did (embarrassingly) fall on the floor trying some poorly executed dance moves. :)
Sorry I left without saying goodbye -- had a great time so if you see this, would love to hear from you again. (I'll know its you if you tell me what part of T-5 we met)
Red Vespa Wave on Houston outside Whole Foods - w4m - 23 (East Village)

I saw you on a red Vespa with a red helmet; I waved hi to you at the stop light and you waved back. It was cute, and I wish you had offered me a ride.  

Anywho – Heidi’s friend was on said date – he had seen a girl at a bar in DC, posted to “Missed Connections” and she responded.  They set it up and went out.  Unfortunately, she wasn’t all she cracked up to be, brought her friends, and left him at the bar to go hang out with them within the first ½ hour – awful.  So this instance wasn’t totally successful, but who knows – it just takes one!  I personally find it creepy and stalker-esque - but who am I?!

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