Thursday, March 24, 2011

Slim Shady

So before I get into this - can we just discuss for a second what happened to me last night?! I was babysitting for my nephew, so Giuliana and I took out to Pinkberry for a little treat. We had just finished and were ready to leave, look outside and it's the most insane hail storm I have ever seen! All I could think was - what the what is going on?! We had no umbrella, a stroller, and this precious little munchkin! We had like 4 blocks to go, too. So we strapped him in the stroller, covered him up as much as possible and began running. And by running I mean shuffling along the sidewalk because it was so slippery and I'm still recovering from that redic fall! People are flailing around outside, horns honking, some woman started to fall, Giuliana went to help her and basically she ripped Giuliana's arm out of the socket and almost took her down too. It was simply nuts. Then as we're running, it starts lightening. WHAT THE F?! Lightening and hailing in March!!! We finally made it home, my poor little pumpkin was a little traumatized - but nothing some fruit snacks, a hot shower, and a fabulous puppy movie couldn't cure! Basically - to sum it I up - this world has gone mad and it's starting to make me get more serious about recycling and taking care of this place!

Ok - so today's post. While away with the girls this past weekend, I got a request to talk about sunglass trends for the spring/summer. They are always the last thing I buy, but I have to admit - there is nothing like a new pair of shades! So here are a few of my favorites and ones I'd recommend!

Raybans: I'm actually on the market for a new pair of aviators, but you can never go wrong with a good pair of Wayfarers.

Aviator Cockpit $139

New Wayfarer $119

Kate Spade: I currently have a pair of her sunglasses and I'm mildly obsessed. I totally love them. Here are a few pairs she has out this season that I heart.
Aimee $178
Lainy $128

Cat Eye: These are all the rage this season. I'm not a huge fan for my face frame, but I do think with the right pair, they can look very chic!
Marc Jacobs "Extreme Kat Eye" $275
Kate Spade "Franca" $128

Tom Ford "Nikita" $360

Prada "Full Postcards" $225

Oversized/Retro: This has been a trend for awhile now. I think finding the right pair is the hardest part - I don’t like when they are too huge - to me it just looks like you have bug eyes!

Gucci Rectangle $295

Tory Burch with Logo Temples $149

Roberto Cavalli with Open Temples & Crystals $450 (wishful thinking!)

Enjoy and happy shading!!


  1. i blame the weather on global warming. also - check tj maxx and marshalls for deals on cute shades! ive bought kate spades and cole haans there for half the retail price!

  2. I'm shopping for some this weekend, thanks for the ideas!