Sunday, March 13, 2011

Falling Into Friday Night

“It’s Friday night, and the moon is bright.  Gonna have some fun show you have it’s done…TGIF!”  That was the lil tune  (obvi the theme song to TGIF when I was growing up) in my head Friday afternoon as I was getting overly pumped for my big night out.  Guilana and I were going to a concert and I was so in need of some fun and a few cocktails!

We met for dinner at Dos Caminos and another friend popped in to share a few apps with us.  We were having a great time.  The concert opened its doors at 6:30 pm, so by 7:15 pm, we figured we better head over.  We walked over, got in and got our “drinking bracelets”, looked around and realized the average age of our concert goers was about 16, I’m talking there were parents there because their kids were too young to go alone.  Awesome.  We noticed that in addition to the “warehouse” style standing room only section, there were there stadium seats that were available to anyone.  We decided that we needed to digest a bit and it would make more sense to take a seat, for at least the opening band and then head down after.   We walk up and the only seats we could find were in the last row.  NBD – we sat down and just took it all in.  After about 5 minutes my Mexican food was wreaking serious havoc on my stomach so I broke out the Tums, which Guilana put her lil pawn out for a few herself.  So now we’re not feeling old at all…I mean we’re sitting in the top row, sans drinks, far away from the speakers so our ears don’t hurt, and have just taken our nightly dose of Tums.  I mean talk about 2 hot pieces of ass!  Oh wait, that didn’t matter because we would have been arrested had we picked up any of the “boys” that were there.

The first band (opening act) was fabulous.  We fell in love and planned our groupie strategy to follow them and go to their next concert.  The band was The Prigs and they were so fun.  They are Brooklyn based and have a great sound – totally into them.  While we were waiting for the headlining band to come on, we decided a bathroom break was in order.  And this, my friends, is where things went terribly wrong. 

First, let me give you a visual…

As you can see we were pretty high up in the last row on the right.  If you notice on the very last row, there are only 3 seats, the 4th is missing – actually it’s just a drop down into the aisle with about 3 steps.  Its pitch black and I really needed to go to the bathroom.  Another lil fact about me – I have the bladder of a 3 year old.  I go to step down and I miss the first step and off I go.  I fly across the aisle, ricocheting off the seats in the opposite row and land at this old man’s feet.  I’m just lying there, not certain of what just happened.  Guilana was grabbing her bag when all this “went down” and looked over to find me in the fetal position.  I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.  I was in utter pain and realized that I couldn’t move my foot.  I pulled my body up, sat there for a good 10 minutes trying to compose myself.  I could feel my right shin ballooning up, my left arm aching, and my left foot could not hold any weight.  Amazing.  Like how the hell did this happen?! 

We headed back to our seats after I convinced Guilana that I was fine and that I just really wanted to at least hear one song.  The band finally came on I heard one song, looked at her and decided I couldn’t handle the pain anymore.  We got up to leave, I had like 100 stairs to climb down, and basically I wrapped myself around each railing.  Then push my way through the tweens.  Finally we got out grabbed a cab and came back to my apartment.  We got in, threw our coats down and I took off my shoe to have a look at the damage.  Neither one of us spoke, Guilana just said “ok, so I’m gonna get some ice”.  I kid you not, I had the equivalent of half a lemon on the side of my foot.  I had like the ultimate kankle.  Oh and I should mention that this was all before 9 pm.  FML.

So, I’ve spent my whole weekend with my foot elevated and icing and downing Advil like it’s my job.  I now have it wrapped up and praying that will help with the swelling.  I’m just hoping that I’ll be able to negotiate my way into/home from work in the morning.  Needless to say, that mile each way tomorrow is not happening! 

Basically I just have the most amazing luck.  Looking back I can laugh a lil bit, but it hurts, like literally hurts.  However, trying to be the optimist, I keep repeating the words my mom said to me when I called her to tell her what happened, “welp, at least you weren’t on a date!”  Touché mom, touché!

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