Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Spring Fling

So I was sooo annoyed this morning when I went to walk to work and it was back to sub-zero temperatures! I'm not usually one to "hate the cold" - but this is getting RULL old! I'm all about my seasons - which is why I could never live in somewhere that is only one temp - but right now, I'm just so over winter! So this bout of SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) could not come at a more fitting time, as I’m heading to Florida on Thursday! I can't wait for the beach and the sun and 80 degree weather! I'm currently running around my apt trying to pack, which is such a process because I have to take out all my spring/summer clothes. But it's also making me pine for my warm weather attire! Therefore, I thought this post would be fitting - I'm going to share a few things that I'm coveting for the Spring/Summer!

Nude Pumps
I have been after these for about 2 years now and I still have not found the right pair! Here are a few that I think would work. Every time I get a pair home though, I find something wrong with them - so if you have a fave pair - fill me in!
Totally too high - but I'm wierdly obsessed!
Charcoal Converse Sneakers

Totally obsessed - been wanting to buy a pair for awhile now, and I'm finally ready to pull the trigger. I think the charcoal is a perfect color - goes with so much! And I walk so much around the city that having a cute pair of kicks is a necessity (not that I don’t have 15 other pairs)!!

Black Peep Toe Pumps/Wedges
Mine have just seen better days and the time has come to get a new pair! I usually get the pumps because I find I can wear them for work and then out on the weekends for a dressier look. However, this year, I'm contemplating the wedge. Ruby swears by the Tory Burch ones (below) and I'm seriously thinking of investing in a pair. I also have a few others that I think are cute and would be versatile.

White Jeans
I know your gut reaction is - hello 1984! But in all seriousness (because you know I'm all about being serious) - I feel like these are a great thing to have in your wardrobe! I'm all about the ones that are a lil more flared - hopefully my thighs won't look as ginormous flailing around in these things! But I think I'm gonna head on back up to my friends at National Jean Company and purchase me a pair!

Maxi Dress
I'm all about dresses and skirts in the spring/summer (actually all year round). I'm not a huge fan of shorts - I don’t feel like they flatter me in the least bit, although I was able to find 2 pairs that I like and I'll wear them until they are threadbare & ripped in the crotch (and even at that point I may still wear them around my apt - don’t judge me)! So I'm always up for a cute new sundress! Maxi dresses are all the rage this season, so I'm hoping to find one wows me!

Ray Bans
I know I'm a lil behind the "times" on these. But I'm always admiring these from afar and I think its time I take the plunge! I heart the aviator glasses, only downfall is my hair gets tangled in them when I put them on my head - not the most enjoyable situation when I'm panicking because my glasses have now become a permanent fixture on my head. But I think I may have to sacrifice my fear and pick me up a pair!
Bright Colors

I feel like this is a huge trend this year and I can't deny that I like it! I enjoy the bold prints and the bright colors that I'm seeing. And these hues in everything from tops to nail polish! I think a bright top, my new white jeans with my black wedges and aviator glasses (most likely tangled in my hair) would be the perfect summer ensemble!

I actually just bought this - totally heart it!

So those are few things that I'm after for the upcoming months! Please share if you have any items that you are dying to own for spring/summer! Happy March and lets hope spring gets here soon!!

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