Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Take Two

So Wine & Chocolate Guy texted me last week and asked me to hang out again!  So that’s a step in the right direction.  My weeks tend to get a little crazy and I knew I was going away this past weekend and this week is cray cray – so I threw out doing something Sunday when I got back from Long Island.  He agreed and said we’d talk on Sunday to figure out a plan.  Perfection! 

So after the weekend I had, please see previous post, you can imagine come Sunday how excited I was to have a date.  To say I was “raring to go” is an absolute LIE!  I was exhausted and cranky and all I wanted to do was curl up in my bed with my PJs on and not leave until I had to go to work the next day.  I was kinda hoping he’d just forget, but alas – no such luck.  It had nothing to do with lack of wanting to see/hang out with him – I was just so spent!  Around 1pm I received a text from him asking if I was still up for hanging out – of course I replied, “Absolutely, I’m up for anything!”  Nevertheless, you can imagine how I felt when he said that we could go to this craft beer festival in Chelsea.  It was nice enough for him to think/plan our activity, so I felt like I couldn’t say I wasn’t up for it, but pretty much this was my reaction…

I said “so fun – see you there”.  So I dragged myself home, showered and tried to wake myself up.  The last thing on Earth that I wanted to do was go taste some beer – but I ponied up.  In my head this “festival” was going to be outdoors, so I layered myself up – jeans, boots, heavy sweater, down puffy vest and a cute scarf.  I felt semi-cute, all things considered. 

I finally get to where I’m meeting him and we say our “hellos” and then it came to my attention that this was in fact an “inside thing”.  So we go inside and it looks fun – but there are no places for coats, etc. and everyone is just walking around.  So I’m trying to go with the flow and start taking “samples”.  So we were having fun, walking around, tasting beer/food.  He knew a few people, so we were, once again, treated as VIP.  The longer we stayed there, the hotter I got.  At one point he was in the middle of this whole story and all I could think about was the sweat dripping down my back because of all my layers and “warm clothes”. 

When we’d had enough of the festival, we decided to grab dinner.  We went to this cute wine bar and had a few drinks/small plates.  The conversation was good and I don’t think I even embarrassed myself! 

So all in all – second date was a success.  I texted him and said I had a great time and thanked him for everything (he once again paid for everything).  He texted right back that had fun too and we’d hang out again soon.  So I’ll keep you all posted on our progress!!

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