Monday, March 28, 2011

Bills, Bills, Bills

Today I had a few interesting moments.  Another installment of “bills, bills, bills”! 
  • In my office building at lunchtime they bring in a piano player to play in the lobby.  I think it’s a little odd – but whatever sometimes it’s nice to hear the music.  Normally they play things like show tunes – a little Beauty & the Beast, sometimes Billy Joel, things in that genre.  So today I go down to head out to grab my lunch and guess what was playing??  “I Wanna Know What Love Is” – oh, I’m sorry, what?!  What the heck kind of song is that to play at lunch piano time?!   Oh I also think it’s worth noting that the “pianist” was about 45, with long curly Michael Bolten-esque hair.  He was also swaying back and forth and mouthing the words to the song.  Awesome.
  • I then go out to grab my lunch at the salad place down the block.  As I’m calmly walking – singing the rest of “I wanna know what love is…” in my head, this woman comes flying at me.  She was about 80 and heading straight towards me on her Razor scooter.  I’m sorry – I thought that those went out in 1998.  She was sailing along on the sidewalk and almost rolled right over me.  Good thing I have cat-like reflexes and was able to jump out of her way!
  • When I got back to my office I came across this website – which completely changed my afternoon.  It’s a blog called – I’m Remembering – and it’s pretty much a legit “blast from the past”.  I was totally enthralled.  It’s all about toys, games, foods, etc. from our growing up era.  A few things caught my eye – things I haven’t thought about in awhile. 

This actually still gets me through my hung-over Sundays - reruns!

My sister actually had one - totally jealous!  It was mint green.

I mean - Rainbow Brite - it doesn't get much better!

We all had one - mine was a fabulous purple/pink.

I totally heared my sticker book - don't worry I had Michael Jackson stickers - Thriller!!

Best before bedtime snack in the summer!

          What are some of your things you’re “remembering”?
  •  I made this great dinner tonight – totally low carb/fat.  I’m kinda obsessed and it was ridic easy and quick!  It was Deep South Shrimp & Sausage.  I subbed the turkey sausage for chicken (it cut the fat that much more).  I just ate it without any “sides” – and it was perfectly filling.  A simple salad would be a good accompaniment, too.

  • I then rounded out my evening with a few episodes of Modern Family.  That show – honestly – I can’t even stand it.  I literally laugh out loud EVERY TIME!!  I. Just. Can’t.  So freaking hilar!  I don’t have that many shows that I have this reaction to – but this one – gets me every stinking time!  Cam’s facial reactions are priceless and all of the characters are just so on point!  If you don’t watch it/aren’t a fan yet – do yourself a favor and watch it/enjoy it!

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