Tuesday, March 8, 2011


I’m totes depressed to be heading back. I’m currently sitting at the airport – my flight is delayed and this is just the worst way to leave here. The sun is shining and it’s a gorgeous day out there – and I’m stuck in the airport! My trip to Marco Island was fab – however it wouldn’t be a trip without a few mishaps! At least – that is always my experience!

I began my trip by getting searched at security in JFK. It seems that this fun lil medicine I have to be on for some “stomach issues”, vaguely resembles cocaine. There you go – you can see where this is going. I’d been waiting on line for what seemed like 18 years; finally I get up to the security point. I take my shoes off, take my laptop out; you know the drill and head on through. Then this commotion starts and next thing I know they're holding my bag up yelling "who's bag is this?!". I quickly gather up my other things and have to go over to the "special area" to get my bag searched! They put on the gloves, etc and begin to go through. Undies flying around, bras everywhere - worst! So they pull out my medicine and this water bottle I had (an empty one) and start testing everything for drugs. Awesome. Finally they run it back through and they tell me I'm fine to go. Oh that's fun - now my bag is a total disaster I'm standing there in my socks trying to get the damn thing to close (remember I had to sit on it in the first place) and now I'm struggling, sweating, sitting on it, finally it zips! So that was a fun way to start the trip!

My flight was fine - smooth sailing and I totally heart Jet Blue! I got my lil snack and watched TV - it was fab! My aunt & uncle picked us up at that the airport and we started back to the island. My aunt & uncle are total characters - I can't even handle them. Sydney had the pleasure of spending time with them and still talks about it! Here is one of the first "conversations" of the trip:

Uncle: Girls, you'll never believe what happened to me a few weeks ago. I was walking out of a restaurant and this girl, pretty girl, came running up to me asking to take my picture with her. I didn't know who she was, but I said fine and smiled.
My sister: Wait, you just took a picture with some random person?! Did they think you were famous or something?!
Uncle: No clue (laughing) - but they have my picture now!
Aunt: Oh God, you're probably on some porn site for old people.

Seriously - I was dying in the back seat. Like this was just the beginning! The rest of the trip was great - so relaxing!

We went to the beach the first day - I am as white as a ghost - so I applied my 60 SPF - awesome. Within like umm 2 hours I was already under my towel with my straw hat on in fear of turning into a lobster. We also saw The King's Speech and it was amazing - highly recommend!

The second day - beach again - this day I decided that it would be fun to break out into a rash that I get EVERY FREAKING TIME I go to Florida! It's so annoying - I think there is something in the air down there - but ever since I was little I've been getting this. Good thing my aunt is accustomed/like my second mom and her reply when she looked over at me was "Oh, Jesus - I'd thought you'd outgrown this God Damn thing - this is just ridiculous!" Such concern! Haha - just kidding - she's just used to it and it doesn't really "bother" me - so what are ya gonna do?! That night my sister and I went to happy hour and my aunt & uncle went to church. Totally normal. My sister yelled out "pray for us" as they were dropping us off. We go to said HH and swear to God we were the youngest by about 40 years. We bellied up to the bar, that was overlooking the lagoon and had a few margs! It was great! Then we got picked up and out to dinner we went. Home by 8:30 pm - bed by 10 pm!

The third day was kinda overcast and gross. And since I wasn’t really able to go into the elements due to my lovely rash, my sister and I went to lunch and then rented a movie. Huge mistake. The first one we got was The Informant with Matt Damon. I thought it'd be good because I totally love him, but Matt - you seriously disappointed me. It was not good at all and totally boring. We didn't even make it through the first hour. So we went back and to Get Him To The Greek with Jonah Hill & Russell Brand. Now we waited till after to dinner to watch this one. We had company, old family friends of my aunt & uncle's that we grew up with. I absolutely adore this couple (they actually spent the day on the beach with us the day before). My aunt and her refer to each other only as "girlfriend". Which btw - they've been doing for about 50 years - its' hilarious. And the husbands actually call the other wife "girlfriend", too. It's just hysterical. So dinner was fab - very entertaining. "Girlfriend" is a total hoot - and yes I realized I said "hoot", but I've been spending a lot of time with my elders! So after dinner my sister and I decided to sit down with my aunt & uncle to watch this movie. WORST CHOICE EVER. For those of you who haven't seen it, prob the first 50 words that come out are "penis", "f*ck", "sex", "genitals", followed by a vivid sex/throw up scene. So you can imagine our discomfort watching this with our 71 & 72 year old aunt & uncle. AWKWARD. Well that went off immediately, despite the fact that my sister and I were quietly cracking up in the corner because it was hilar - so def have to watch it again - maybe alone this time!

Our last day was sad. I hate leaving. Not only do I love the time with everyone, but I just love being on the beach and not having a care in the world. It's the best! So my sister and I had breakfast on the beach and then took a long walk along the shoreline. It was great. Then headed to the airport - boooo where my flight was delayed and here we are.

So I'll leave you with this image - this place is paradise! I highly recommend you take a lil trip - my aunt & uncle love company!

It doesn't get more perfect than this!

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