Thursday, March 3, 2011

Lather, Rinse, Repeat

I'll apologize in advance for this lackluster post! I was running around like a lunatic last night trying to get myself ready for my lil trip, you'd think I was going for like 3 weeks! In a final attempt to get it all into a carry-on bag, I was literally sitting on my suitcase this morning in my towel praying that it would close. I think all my weight did it in and I finally got the thing to zip! So needless to say, this should make for an interesting trip back, as I can NEVER pack it all the "right way" on the way home! I think I'm always just so depressed to be heading home, that my suitcase just revolts against me and tries to force me to stay longer. Anywho - I'm anxious to get down to Flo-Rida. The best part about where I "vacay" is that the average age is about 87. Therefore, it does not matter in the least bit what you look like! Which, to me, is amazeballs because it's just such a great feeling to actually feel "ok" in a bathing suit (which by the way, I thought was pronounced/spelled "babing suit" until I was about 15 - nbd)! The other great part is that I get to spend time with my aunt & uncle, who I adore! So all in all, these are always fab lil getaways! I brought my lil laptop - so I'm hoping to give you some updates along the way, there are always a few good stories!

And now for my newest obsession! I'm always the girl who has to buy the expensive shampoo. Why - I don’t know, but I just really like it. I do not have any crazy type of hair - actually quite the opposite - straight and kinda boring, but for some reason the bottles and the price just suck me in! Like I'm getting SUCH a better product than the $4.99 bottle. So while I was perusing the shelves of the drugstore the other day the new Aveeno Shampoo caught my eye. I like Aveeno products and it was very reasonably priced - I feel like it was around $6. I figured I'd stop being such a "shampoo snob" and give it a go.

Well - let me tell you! I tried it this morning and I think I have a lil extra pep in my step! I'm obsessed! I enjoy the smell and I honestly feel like it gave me more volume and "umf" than most other shampoos I use! I was a lil skeptical because it's a "creamy/pearly" shampoo and I've been told that those weigh your hair down, so I ALWAYS go for the more "clear" shampoos. But seriously - my hair feels weightless! I used the "volumizing" one, but they also have it for color treated, noursihing, extra shine, and revitalizing.  I recommend you all give it a go and see how you feel. I mean for only $6, if you hate - it's not too much of a loss! Happy shampooing!!

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  1. oooh I will have to try. I am the girl who needs to change her shampoo like every 2 weeks!