Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Hags Take On The Wineries

First things first - I'd like to give a shout out to the Tufts Women's Lacrosse team.  I had the pleasure of watching them play and they made a valiant effort in their game today - you'll get them next time girls!!

Second off I'd like to holla at my girl Charlotte - Happy 30th and welcome to the club!! This past weekend I had the pleasure of celebrating Charlotte's birthday at the wineries in Long Island. Here's a little bit of how the weekend unfolded…

Since the other girls were coming in from out of town we decided to just meet in the city for dinner and wait for everyone to get there. Then we'd trek out to Long Island to stay at Charlotte's for the weekend. I left work at 5 and Hilary was already in town. Coco & Sydney were en route and would be in shortly..I arrived at the place we were all meeting up, we put our name in for a table and then headed downstairs to put away our bags and grab a drink. Hilary & I hadn't exchanged too many words at this point, as we were just rushing around. So when we get to the bar I ordered a beer and Hilary asked for water - thought it was a little strange, but whatever. We then go to sit down and it becomes clear to me why the water was a necessity. It seemed that Hilary took herself out with her sister and had been drinking since 2pm. Pretty sure she was drunk and words were a little difficult. We eventually got to our table and Coco arrived. She sits down, Hilary says a sentence, and Coco looks at me and says "what the hell just happened…were those words or what is going on?!" With that Hilary spills her water on the table - not once but 3 times and then gets lost on her way back from the bathroom. In all fairness - it was a big bar and very confusing - so totally understandable. But the best part was is that she asked the girl at the coat check (which was nowhere near our table) where her friends were. So needless to say the coat check girl was no help and after about 20 minutes, Hilary found us! Shortly after, Sydney rolled in and by that point we all agreed that Hilary had drank enough water and so we all had a few beers! When we wrapped that up, we realized that we only had about 10 minutes to sprint to Penn Station to make our train out to Long Island - womp womp! So we all started running and as we got into Penn, I realized that Duane Reade had cans of beer like right by the entrance - so with just 4 minutes to spare, I raced in, grabbed 4, and we literally ran onto the train. Which brings us to the next thing, there were about zero seats. Awesome. So we wound up having to squeeze into a 6 seater (3 on one side facing 3 seats on the other) with 2 older people and Hilary sat across the aisle. Basically we were sitting with our grandparents and things got awkward when we started cracking open our beers. Finally we reached Charlotte and were taken hope immediately. We were very responsible once we got there, only had a few more drinks, and went to bed at a reasonable hour. We did, after all, have to get up at 8am to get ready for the festivities!

Saturday morning came and we were all up and raring to go! While getting dressed and trying to figure out our ensembles, Sydney boldly stated, "I mean it doesn't really matter what the rest of you look like, I clearly look the best. Soooo I mean deal with that." Redic. The party bus was coming at 9am, so we made sure to carbo load so we could make it through the day. There were about 40 people all together going on this little journey, so the bus was ginorm. The best part, however, is that they sent us the wrong bus. We get on and there is leopard print everywhere, leather seats, a stripper pole in the middle of the bus, oh and a huge leak in the back and water was pouring in. So we needed a new bus for that purpose mainly, but it was a little awk with the stripper pole, I mean her parents were coming with us! And as the day wore I on I had visions of Sydney swinging herself around it. So we had to make a quick detour, get a new bus and then we were off!

The four of us,(me, Sydney, Hilary & Coco), snagged a table in the front of the bus - amazing location! We then got the party started! Mimosas were flowing and things were in high gear. We got the first winery and did our first tasting. It was so fun. We then decided that it would be in our best interest to buy 1 bottle of wine from each vineyard and split that among the 4 of us. That would be in addition to the tastings, of course, oh and the beer/wine/champagne on the bus. Why is this my life and why do I think these things are normal?! As we were sitting there enjoying our wine, this is what began to happen. It seems that there was "live music", so next thing we know this man, actually his name was "Don", gets up and starts belting things out - it was so awkward and strange. You can see/hear the audio portion on my Facebook Fan Page ( OR click on the Facebook link on the right side of my page).  Here's a visual:

The next vineyard was only like a second away and we did our same "routine". By now we were starting to feel pretty good. We had fun there and then had to pile back on the bus to head to the last place. Now this was by far my fav, maybe because I was pretty tipsy by this point, maybe it's because Sydney insisted on buying a "cupcake plate", I don’t know. But whatever the reason, we had so much fun. They also had "live music" and this guy was off the chain. He had himself and a guitar and sang crazy songs. At one point he belted out (slash rapped) Eminem & Dido's "Stan" - I mean unreal - and he was alone singing 2 parts. Cray cray! We finished up there and headed home. We were all pretty bombed at this point, but we had so much fun on the bus home. At one point this was an actual conversation:

Hillary: I really love the camaraderie on buses!
Coco: It's true, I've really had some good times on buses!

So that just about sums it up. We got back to Charlotte's, had dinner and some birthday cake. Most of the group had cleared out, but we were still in full effect! We decided that it only made sense to play college drinking games and a rousing game of "A**hole" ensued! Eventually we got tired and called it a night around 2 am. That was a serious day for us!

The next day we have all never been crankier and once again, we were acting like old hags. There was a little yelling, some nasty comments, things of that nature, followed by laughing about how ridiculous we all sounded. We all made it back to NYC unscathed.

Another successful weekend with the girls - miss the insanity already! And one of my fav lines from Saturday night - as we rolled up back to Charlotte's house as total messes, Sydney claimed, "You know what's weird? I look just as good as when I left the house!"

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