Monday, March 14, 2011

To The Dance Floor

This is one of my all time favorite stories.  Every time I think of it, I can’t help but giggle.  It all began in beautiful Charlottesville, VA.

I had entered a half marathon in Charlottesville and my two friends, Ruby & Sydney, were kind enough to join me and cheer me on while I ran.  Since it was about 3 hours away from DC, we decided to make a weekend of it.  We drove down Friday after work, another epic road trip.  We got into town and went straight to check me into the race.  While checking in, this woman decides to go on and on about how ridiculously hard this course was and kept talking about this ginormous hill, called Old Garth Hill and how it’s just insane and she hoped I trained on hills.  I laughed awkwardly, while thinking to myself that maybe I should just skip the race and head back home.  I had trained and worked hard, but on FLAT LAND!  I didn’t really have many hills where I lived, so I did what I could.  I just hoped I’d make it.   We left there, grabbed dinner and headed to our luxurious hotel.  And by luxurious I mean not at all.

The next morning was the big race!  I had to be at the start line at 6 am.  Sydney & Ruby drove me there and insisted on “pumping me up” on the way over, therefore they blared “Crazy Bitch” with the windows down.  The got me set up and all ready, I even got interviewed by the local news!  Amazing – but pretty sure that got left on the cutting room floor.  So they stood on the sidelines and the gun went off – I was in it now!  I ran the race – that hill was absolutely awful and I came around the corner to the finish line and there were Ruby & Sydney waiting for me – cheering me on the rest of the way!  I crossed and was so relieved that I made it – and I even beat my time!  I found the girls and they told me about their morning, they left the race after I had started, went to McDonalds and then ordered a few things from QVC.  After about 2 hours, they came back just in time!

We decided to head to brunch after, which was delish.  After brunch Ruby decided that she needed a haircut/eyebrow waxing.  She went to this random salon and came back, luckily WITH eyebrows, but her hair was all jacked up.  Thank God she had ordered her Wen hair care products on QVC that morning! 

So after we all took our naps, we thought heading to a winery was in order!  We needed to go out and celebrate!  The place was great, we had a tasting and then just sat outside with a bottle of wine and a wheel of cheese – I couldn’t have been happier!  After we were done with that, we had an interesting cab ride to dinner.  Our cab driver was quite entertaining.  He informed us all about (and we had to hear the story 5 times), how in high school he almost made the pros – but he missed the last shot of his school basketball tournament.  But you have to understand that this man was about 40, so he was really hanging on to this incident. 

We went to dinner and had a great time then decided to go to a local bar.  There we decided to that it only made sense to start getting pitchers of Blue Moon – totally normal.  So that was that.  When we had enough there, we were ready for some dancing!  We had seen the local college “dance club” the night before, so we figured it made sense to go – I mean we’d totally be able to fit in.  So we headed over.  We walked in and immediately got ourselves a few beers.  While we were standing by the bar, trying to get the lay of the land, we hear one of our throw back songs come on.  Oh I should mention that it was 80s night and we were prob the only people in there that could actually say they lived in the 80s.  All of sudden we hear “The Right Stuff” come booming over the speakers, Ruby got so excited turned around, looked at us and yelled, “TO THE DANCE FLOOR” – Sydney and I were closely behind when all of a sudden Ruby trips (she didn’t realize there was a step up to the “dance floor”) and flies across the floor!  All these college kids are just staring at her and Sydney and I go rushing over.  She’s lying there, can’t move, but don’t worry, she didn’t lose ONE DROP of her beer!  We pick her up and try to see if she’s ok.  We bring her into the bathroom and realize that she can’t really move her wrist.  So we danced to a few songs and then called it a night.  Of course on the way back to the hotel we needed to stop for pizza.

The next morning Ruby could barely move her arm.  I actually had to dress her, good thing we’re such good friends!  She eventually had to go to the doctor, but luckily it was just a bad sprain.  I figured out of all of us, I’d be the one coming home injured, but that’s just how we roll in our group – you just never know! 

Moral of the story – be careful when you hear a “classic song” – make sure you know where the dance floor is before you go full speed ahead!  And now…TO THE DANCE FLOOR!

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