Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Things I Heart On The Interweb

I've received a few requests to do a post about different blogs/sites I like to frequent on what we like to call the "interweb".  I didn't include the obvis, such as Perez Hilton and Facebook (which I hope you'll all "like" this page…just saying!).  Basically I get to work every morning and before I start my actual "work" I have to go through a few websites first!  So, I've put together a little list accompanied by an explanation of why I love it/need to check it daily!  Enjoy and happy surfing!!
2Birds1Blog - this little gem is something I've been an avid reader of for a few years now.  One of the main writers (Meg) cracks me up - like I pee my pants.  She's hilar and I highly recommend you take a read!  They are also coming out with a new book - pretty sure I can't wait for that!
Hey Lady - as I have mentioned in the past a good friend of mine writes this blog.  I love her fashion tips and it's always a good read! 
Hay Girl Hay:  I Need An Adult - this is something I've just found!  I'm obsessed.  This girl is very funny and we are so on point - we're like right on the same level!  She posts frequently - so it definitely keeps me occupied all day!
Loafers Sans Socks - again this is newer to my "repertoire".  He's just "changed" the layout of the blog and what he is going to write about, so I'm curious to see where it goes.  He posts a lot of great pics and some interesting commentary.
The Lo Down - this is Lo Bosworth's blog.  I genuinely enjoyed her on Laguna Beach, followed by her stint on then The Hills.  I find her blog to be fun and a good source for what's "hip".  And as you can see I use words like "hip", so I could use some help in that department! 
Goop - I must confess - I heart Gweny!  And her appearances on Glee have only made me love her more!  She only posts about once a week, so I only check this one every now and again.  This blog isn't as much "fun" as it is insightful.  It's more of my "grown up blog" for when I feel like I need to be mature.
I'm always looking for more things to keep me occupied at work, so if you have a fav blog/website - send it my way!! 

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