Thursday, February 24, 2011

Wine + Chocolate = Not A Bad First Date!

So I had my big date last night and I apologize for the delay in posting this, but I got in a lil later than I expected - so I had to write it up this morning! Let me break this all down for you from start to finish and then we can re-hash and dwell on every lil bit of the date! Because you know - that's what we do!

I wasn't meeting him until 7 pm, which was a lil annoying because I'm usually ready to leave work by 5:30 pm and I didn't have enough time/it didn't make sense for me to go all the way home and then come back down to the restaurant. So basically I had some time to kill. I figured I'd run over to Sephora and pick up something and then run to my gym, "freshen up" and head on down. Quick side note - I had to go to Sephora for a nude lip gloss that I have been after for quite some time. I didn't know what brand/exactly what I was looking for, but a girl helped me and I would up with this one….completely AMAZING!!! It's NARS lip gloss in "Striptease" - I'm obsessed!
Ok back to my story…So while I'm in Sephora and this girl is helping and we finally find the NARS lip gloss, she starts telling me about the NARS event that they were doing at the store that night. Next thing I know I'm sitting in a chair preparing to get my makeup done…oh, I'm sorry, what?! I have NO IDEAwhat I was thinking and why I thought this would be a good idea! It all happened so quickly I didn't even have time to think. And then I started to have a panic attack as I was waiting for my "make up artist" to come over. I just had flashbacks of the last time I got my make up done in this setting and I had the "smokey eye" from hell! Ruby & Sydney can attest to it! I looked like a $5 hooker. I kid you not, I had never looked like more of a prostitute in my life! So you can imagine my sheer panic when I see this woman came flying at me with fluorescent red lipstick and purple eye shadow - she was like a brunette Charo! She was from Miami and Cuban. Her English was a lil rocky, but I just kept stressing I needed a "natural" look. Basically I was the worst customer ever! I kept pulling back, wiping things off, not letting her do things. She kept assuring me I would look gorgeous and he'd instantly fall in love! When all was said and done - she actually did a good job! I was sweating and stressed - but it came out looking very natural and not overdone at all - and NO SMOKEY EYES!

Off I went to the restaurant with my new lip gloss and make up done! Perfect. I actually got there, got a seat at bar and promptly asked the bartender if I looked like a whore (in so many words). The great part was that the restaurant was very dark, so you really couldn't see anyway! So I was sitting there waiting and this guy sits down next to me. Second time I that night I began to panic - he was like totally not good looking at all, but I kept trying to see if maybe it was him. And then in my head I kept saying, maybe he's nice, Lizzie, don’t' judge! Sweating.  But alas, it wasn't him…my date walked in just a few minutes after!

So first impression - he was cute - he knew people at the restaurant (owners, etc) and was treated like the Mayor! He came right over apologized that I had to wait and we got escorted right to our table…which had a "reserved" sign on it - actually there were 2 "reserved" and he let me pick the one I wanted. So I thought that was good - he thought ahead, made a reservation (because it was really crowded). We immediately began talking about all sorts of things, conversation flowed and it was really easy. Not awkward at all! He's really nice, interesting, asked good questions, told funny stories, made jokes. I embarrassingly dropped my fork (only me) and it made such a commotion - like it must have hit about 20 things on the way down to the floor - and everyone looked - but he made a joke and I laughed - which for me - is a good sign! We split a bottle of wine and ordered some "sharing plates". The food was excellent and the wine was delish! We even got some chocolate at the end of dinner -soooo good! I actually looked at my watch as were finishing and it was 10:30 pm!  Soo much later than I anticpated this date going!  The check came and he paid immediately, I offered money - but he declined. Another plus in my book! Then he walked me to find a cab - actually like 5 blocks out of his way and made sure I got one - again very nice! He then texted me like right away and said he had a great time and how much fun he had. Which - since I'm so over the "games", etc - I thought was great. I thanked him again for dinner and walking me to a cab and he said we'd "talk soon".

All in all - it was great first date! I was a lil nervous to get "back in the saddle", so I'm glad it all went well! Who knows if he'll call again - but it sounds promising! I try not to place too much stock in first dates - my track record isn't good! But I'll keep you all posted and for now this story is: "to be continued…"


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  2. Thanks for the comment Kylie - hope you enjoy the blog! XOXO