Thursday, February 17, 2011

I’m A Belieber

So this may be embarrassing for some, but not for this girl.  Tonight I fell in love.  It’s true – I fell in love with none other than Justin Bieber.  I know you’re thinking – he’s like 10, what is wrong with you?!  Well first of all – he’s 16 and second of all – ummm he’s pretty much amazing.

One of my good friends, Giuliana, emailed me the other day and asked me to come with her to see the new Justin Bieber movie, Never Say Never.  So I was a lil hesitant at first, then I figured, whatever, it’ll be entertaining.  I had no idea what I was in for! 

We got to the movie theatre and realized that we would have to see it in 3D. For some – wouldn’t be excited about spending the additional $4 (especially when a regular tix is already $13) to see it in…but again – not these girls – we got genuinely excited to be able to see the Biebs up close and personal.  We got in and picked our seats.  Luckily the theatre was basically empty so we picked an amazing spot.  Just our luck, the freaking “nerd herd” (as Giuliana coined them) had to sit directly in front of us.  Like really – in the whole freaking theatre – you had to sit in front of us?!  All I wanted to do was enjoy the Biebs in peace and quiet.  So we tried to ignore them.  The lights went down, 3D glasses went on, and thus began my love affair. 

The movie was amazing, minus the nerd herd’s commentation and arm swaying and singing throughout the movie.  I had to look past/make fun of it and just enjoy the moment.  So not only did I love Justin, I totally hearted his entourage.  I mean Scooter his manager – pretty much amazing, Giuliana and I now have major crushes.  Kenny – the security guard – hilar.  His grandparents – could not be any cuter.  Mama Jan – she’s tough, but fair.  Ryan Good his stylist – I mean he has a good eye for what works for teen heartthrobs.  And honestly – even his mom Patti – mad respect – she was a teen mom who followed her son’s dream. 

He was also a lot more talented than I really knew he was.  He can play the guitar, drums & piano.  He obvi has a great voice (at least pre-puberty).  And the boy can move!  He can def keep up with his “mentor” Usher – who also made a few appearances. 

Needless to say, Giuliana and I left in awe.  We are now totally in love with the Biebs.  I may even have to call out sick from work tomorrow – it appears that I have caught BIEBER FEVER!!'re welcome!

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