Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Big Red

Chaz and I had just started dating; it was all so new and exciting! He invited me out to meet some of his college friends at this bar downtown. Not being one to turn down an invite for a night of fun and with the new boy, I accepted! Since we had just started dating, I was still in that uncomfortable, I don’t want to be the only girl, stage. So I called Syrah and to see if she’d be there, too. Chaz and her bf were friends, so I figured she’d prob be going. Done and done – it would be a great night! So I got to the bar and Chaz was already there with his friends, but no one else was in sight. So I grabbed a drink and tried to relax, telling myself Syrah would be there shortly. Enter this lunatic girl (we’ll call her Big Red) that Chaz seemed to know, she came flying up to him yelling about how Syrah couldn’t get into the bar because she had left her ID at home. So my first reaction, I said, “where is she, we can go to a different bar”. To which Big Red looked at me with disdain and told me she just put Syrah in a cab and sent her home, she wasn’t going to not go out just because Syrah didn’t have her ID. EWWWWW is all I could think. I had just met this girl for like AN second and I already did not enjoy her! I texted Syrah and told her I’d leave and come hang out or meet her somewhere. She said no that I should just stay and have fun. So I wound up staying and Big Red eventually left, thank God, so I enjoyed the rest of my night!

Cut to the following Monday morning. I had just gotten into work only to find that there was a “surprise” orientation that I needed to administer. I was running around like an idiot trying to find a projector, which I found, BROKEN, obvi. I ran back to my desk to quickly check my email. I noticed an email from Syrah about some movie theatre that you could drink in and she wanted to go. I quickly sent her an email back and told about what a biznatch Big Red was on Saturday night and I totally had her back, but the girl she thought was her “friend”, totally ditched her! I couldn’t believe how Big Red behaved and I was just trying to look out for Syrah. Sent. I was gathering up the rest of the stuff I needed for this orientation and glanced at my screen. 4 new messages?! 3 of which were from Ruby – hmmmm that’s strange. I opened it up to find Ruby exclaiming “YOU HIT REPLY–ALL AND BIG RED WAS ON THE EMAIL!!!” Ahhhhhhhh – sheer panic rushed over me. I began to sweat profusely and quickly re-read the original email that Syrah had sent. Not only was Big Red on the email – but so were CHAZ and all of his friends!! So this guy that I just started dating and all his friends just got to read me reaming out one of their own friends, Big Red. FML!!! I tried quickly to “retract” the email I sent. Oh news flash – YOU CAN’T! The only thing that happens is that it re-sends your email about 10 more times. So now all these people have like 10 of my email rant– I hate my life! And I had to go deliver this orientation. So I left my desk and tried to stop sweating and calm down – trying to tell myself it was no biggie – we’d all just laugh – haha. The orientation was awful and I’m pretty sure the guy prob quit like 2 days later after the ridiculousness of that presentation.

Finally I was done and able to go back to my desk. I now had about 20 emails, including a few from Chaz. Fingers crossed he didn’t hate me!! Thank God he didn’t and just thought it was incredibly funny. But then I tried to figure out what to do about Big Red. I’m not a mean person and I just felt awful – it was eating away at me. So I emailed her that I was sorry and obvi thought it was only going to Syrah. I told her that I was upset with her “behavior” that night and that Syrah was my friend, so I was just looking out. She was “cool” about it and told me she “understood”. I knew she hated me and every time I saw her after she gave me the dirtiest looks. Not that I blamed her – I’d probably hate me too.

So I continued my day – and friends let me tell you – Karma is a bitch. I not only had all those things happen that morning, but I went to go put back the equipment after the orientation and I split my pants right up the back – yup up the middle – pants completely split. Awesome – best day ever!!

Moral of this post – watch your REPLY-ALLS. Most of the time they are not necessary and they will only get you in trouble! Take heed to this warning!!

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