Thursday, February 24, 2011

Ode to Sydney

My dear old friend Sydney has recently turned the big 3-0.  And I can say "dear old friend" because I'm already old and 30.  Therefore, I thought that there would be no better way to welcome her into her 3rd decade, than to share a few fun moments we’ve/she has had.  To celebrate this milestone, 10 of us are headed down to Atlantic City for a night of festivities – so I’ll be sure to rehash all our shenanigans on Monday’s post!

A few “Sydney-isms” (words/phrases that she has coined):
-         The morning after a friend’s party:
Friend:  I think we’re going to be heading out soon
Sydney:  And so are all of we

-          I walked into her room to crawl into bed with her after a rough night and she barely lifted her head off the pillow and squeaked out:
“I don’t want to die like this.  I have so much more I want to accomplish.“

-       “Sweet Sweet” – this refers to our favorite hung over diner in DC – The Tasty Diner.

-       “Sad Spice” – or basically any other adjectives in front of “Spice”.

-       “You’re driving like a vagina at the town hall” – she likes to yell this at other drivers – in particular on Rt. 95 and the Beltway.

-         She always has the BEST one liners – like “what are we on a duck tour” (in response to the way one of my ex-bf’s walked) and “follow me to fun” and one of my all time favs “18 to party, 21 to DRINK”.  I mean the list really goes on and on!

-         She refers to her mother as a variety of nicknames, including, but not limited to, “Twisted Sister”, “B-Diddy”, “Narnia”, “Red Headed Slut”, and “Sister Sledge”.

A few short stories:
-         Sydney used to shade out and run away after we’d have a night out.  She would apparently want to go home, but instead of telling one of us – she’s just bolt out the door and start her jog home – totally normal.  So for her 21st birthday, we decided that it made sense to buy her a leash.  It was a pink leash that we made her wear so she’d stay in our sight at all times.  From time to time we still have to break it out – although she has gotten a lil better about not running!

-         After one of our sorority formals, we had all had just a tad too much.  Sydney decided her night was done and took off.  All she remembers is being on all fours in the back lot of this restaurant (that was not at all close to her dorm) with a bag of Doritos (that she has no clue where she found them) and her knees were bleeding.  Needless to say she woke up the next morning with ripped stockings, blood crusted knees, and hugging her bag of Doritos. 

-         While we lived together in DC, Sydney and I came down with an AWFUL case of food poisoning – at the same time!  And we had ONE bathroom.  WORST!!!  So we had to take turns (mind you we both should have been in the hospital).  We wound up having to call each other from our rooms and make sure the other wasn’t in the bathroom before we made the “trek” there – that’s how sick we both were!  Not a fun time!

-         I’ll leave you with this last story – I could go on for days – but I just don’t have time – I need to pack!  We were in AC for our friend CCK’s bach party.  We decided that we’d both put in money to a “house account” and play a lil roulette to try to make us some money!  We lost most of it instantly, but still had a lil left.  I came down with a migraine (womp womp) and had to go back to the hotel early.  So you can imagine my excitement when I got woken up at 5:30 am to Sydney crawling into my bed yelling, “we’re rich, we’re freaking rich – I made us sooo much money you don’t even know”.  So I got so excited and we were discussing what we were gonna spend it on and how great it was and then we both went to sleep.  So we woke up at like 9 am and she was a disaster, so hung over, and if I remember correctly, had a sprained wrist.  I shot up out of bed and was immediately yelling about our winnings.  She got really excited and ran to her bag to get it out.  She then discovered that her “big win” was a whoping 3 cents!  Yes that’s right – she only had 3 cents in her bag!  3 pennies!  Our dreams of Porches and Louboutins went out the window – quicker than you’ll ever know!

Basically these stories/thoughts are just a drop in the bucket.  I’ve clocked a lot of hours with Sydney and we’ve shared a lot of good times and bad times, happy and sad.  And after all that time, she still manages to crack me up until I wet my pants.  I’m looking forward to a night in AC and a few more good stories/one liners from this weekend…and many more to come!  And for those of you that know & love Sydney and would like to share your own stories, feel free to comment!

Happy Dirty 30, Sydney!!  

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