Monday, February 14, 2011

Red All Over

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!!  Hope you all felt the love today!  I’m sure you were all decked out in your little red outfits, so I thought it was a fitting time to bring something to your attention.  It’s called the “Red Pump Project”.  If you notice on the right side of this page, I have a “badge” that will take you to the site; but here is some information on what it’s all about.  Basically “The Red Pump Project™ raises awareness about the impact of HIV/AIDS on women and girls. [The] mission is to promote HIV prevention through education, and open dialogue about the issues that surround sexual and reproductive health.”  March 10th is National Women and Girls HIV/AIDS Awareness Day (NWGHAAD).  In observance of the day, they are inviting you to “Rock the Red Pump”.  I will be sporting my new red pumps that I got for Christmas.  I’ve been coveting a pair for quite some time, but hadn’t found the “perfect pair”.  So, I was thrilled on Christmas morning when I unwrapped these bad boys:

I invite all of you to “Rock the Red Pump” on March 10th.  I think red pumps are a perfect way to “spice” up any LBD.  And the best part is that you are helping to support NWGHAAD!!  

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