Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Before I get into this fun lil recap – I have to take a quick side-step.  I walked into spin class today and low and behold the lady from hell was back!  Only this time – her music choices have shifted.  It seems now she enjoys hard-core rap.  We only listened to the likes of T-Pain, Snoop Dog. Lil Kim, etc.  Unreal!  And she just swayed away up there!  I don’t even think she said a word other than “1st position”, “3rd position”, etc.  Redic!

Ok, so Nashville!  I was heading down to this fine lil town for a work conference.  Basically I was dreading it and not totally excited, but ever the optimist, I figured it’d be an opportunity to see a little bit of the city.  It has been on my “list” for quite sometime, so a free trip doesn’t hurt! 

I got to the airport for my crazy early flight (8 am) and finally got to my gate.  I was in throws of reading my “guilty pleasure” magazines (People, Us Weekly, etc. – I treat myself when I travel) and I glanced up.  There was this short lil woman standing in front of me with a full fur coat and an entourage behind her.  I stared figuring it was prob someone famous and low and behold – it was Joan Rivers!  Amazing!  She was very “put together” at that hour of the morning and was cracking jokes with the airline people (that’s prob the only time I’ve seen them smile and it was most likely just because she was famous).  I just kept looking at her smiling awkwardly hoping she’d take me under her wing and make me famous.  SURPRISE – that didn’t happen!  But we were on the same flight – so I guess that’s a step in the right direction.

I got to Nashville with enough time to explore the city a lil bit before the conference started.  So I ventured out on the streets!  We were staying in Downtown Nashville,  I figured there’d be enough for me to do within walking distance.  I started walking, looking all around, feeling so “cultural” that I’m out and about all by myself!  Then I began to pass all these prostitutes and homeless people and began to pick up the pace a lil more.  Finally I got to the “honky-tonk” area where all the action was.  I walked up and down that street and saw the Country Music Walk of Fame.  But that was it.  I had heard so many great things about Nashville, but I was kinda disappointed.  Granted, I’m sure there is SO much more to it than just the area that I was in, but for some reason I just envisioned it differently.  Anywho – I found this place that came highly recommended for lunch, Jack’s BBQ.  And it did NOT disappoint!  AMAZING!!  Prob the best BBQ I’ve ever had – by far!  Which I think it is worth noting that I did not know I was in a different time zone (and didn’t figure it out until much later that day) and I felt like an idiot because basically it all came together and made sense why I was getting weird looks at lunch – umm maybe because it was like 10:15 AM and I was all about my BBQ – sometimes I wonder how I function on a daily basis!

So the conference was good and your typical work conference.  A lot of “networking” and learning and talking and discussing.   But the best part was that I me these 2 other girls that were so fun.  We wound up becoming “besties” and went out the both nights we were there.  The first night we wandered up to where I had been that morning.  There is just a huge stretch of “honky-tonks” and bars.  There were so many to choose from.  So basically one of the girls spotted a cute bouncer and that is how we made our decision.  Obvi – the best way to decide EVER.  The place was awesome – it was called Tootsie's.  Soooo much fun.  All the bars down there play live music – which I love – and the bands/singers are actually really good.  I feel like some of them are all trying to be the “next big thing” and I wouldn’t be shocked if some of them made it. 

The next night was a bit more entertaining.  We went to an obligatory dinner and then out again.  The first place we went to was great.  We met this most random “couple” ever.  The guy looked like he was about 12 years old and almost like a bad Dana Carvey character on SNL.  He had a cast on one hand and was just all a mess.  The woman was about 45 years old and was seemingly having a good time!  They were all over each other in a disturbing/your making out with a  mom kind of way.  Then the kid took a liking to one of the girls I was with.  She discovered that he was “trucking” down through the south and he broke his hand so that woman was his new “trucking partner”.  What?!  So many things about that statement.  I mean that’s gonna make for an awkward ride in the morning!  So we left that bar because people were starting to get creepy and went back to our old stomping grounds – Tootsies.  And there we met a few more for the books.  When we first got there this woman came flying at us.  I’m not sure if she was albino or what really was going on.  All I can say is that she had white hair – like not blonde – like fluorescent white – and it was spiky and short.  Next she didn’t blink.  Her eyes were constantly open and wide and big and DID NOT blink.  I kid you not – it was the weirdest thing ever.  And I’m almost positive she was on something – she was flailing around the bar and dancing like a lunatic.  So bizarre.  And then, one of my favorites, was the old “cowboy” that just made you feel uncomfortable.  He approached me and I was trying to just look the other way.  Then he came over and started twirling my hair – yup that’s right – twirling my hair.  I tried to get away and his finger was actually tangled in my hair – so disgusting!  I literally wanted to die – I hate when people touch me – let alone old cowboys that twirl my hair!  WTF?! Why is this my life?!  After that – we pretty much decided to call it a night.  But we did have fun and the music was awesome!

So the next day was the last day.  We all said our good-byes and off we went.  It took me like a million years to get home because of all the bad weather.  But , seeing Joan Rivers, Jack's, Tootsie's, making new friends, and having my hair twirled – all while in Music City  -  totally worth it! 

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