Sunday, February 13, 2011

The Dreaded Jeans Shopping

Yesterday I embarked on one of my most dreaded expeditions in life – to find a new pair of jeans.  I HATE jeans shopping – maybe even more than – brace yourselves – bathing suit shopping!  I absolutely hate it.  I normally have to go through about 20-30 pairs of jeans just trying to find something that fits me.  And it’s not even that I’m being picky – like they literally don’t fit/look just good enough for me to be seen in public, let along actually feel good/attractive in them.  I normally walk into a store (either boutique or department store) and they look at me like I’m crazy when I say I’m “hard to fit”.  Then after about the 10th pair I’ve thrown out the dressing room door, they understand!  I think my main problem is that I’m pretty tall and have the longest torso in the world. You can ask Sydney, who actually measured one night after a few glasses of wine.  She confirmed that it is the longest ever! 

So I woke up yesterday morning and “prepped” myself the whole way to the store.  First stop:  National Jean Company.  I used to live directly across from one when I was in DC and I absolutely love that store!  They have the cutest things and their jean selection is pretty good.  So I walked in and just said to the 2 girls working that I needed jeans and I wasn’t picky.  I told them I needed a pair of “dressier” jeans with more of a flare.  I also informed of my difficulties with jean shopping.  They were amazing – they just looked at my body for a few minutes and got to pulling!  Next thing I knew I was knee deep in jeans and trying on frantically, sweating - it was insanity!  I’d walk out – they’d say “yes” or  “no” and we went through the pile!  I just had my eye on the prize - I wasn’t leaving without a new pair of jeans!  So after much deliberation, I wound up with these:

I picked them because they are a little more high waisted, they are a great wash and so comfortable!  It’s a brand I’ve never worn before – DL1961 and I’m in love!  I got the "Jennifer" fit and the Eclipse wash.  I feel so good in them!  I debuted them last night and they were well received!! 

So 2 things I’ll recommend for your next jean shopping experience:  go to National Jean Company and try on a pair of DL1961s!  Happy shopping!

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