Monday, February 21, 2011

Dating Dress Code

Happy President’s Day!!  Hope you all had a great day and got to enjoy a 3-day weekend.  If you didn’t have off – sorry!!  And can I just mention for a second that this weather is absolutely insane!  I was eating outside on Friday night and it was snowing today – I can’t handle these extremes!!

Ok, so now for the real issue at hand.  I need some advice.  I have date on Wednesday night and the big question remains – what’s a girl to wear?!  We all know I’ve had issues in the past with wardrobe malfunctions on first dates – so I’d like to avoid that at all costs!  We are going to a chocolate/wine bar - so he's already scoring points - those are 2 of my fav things!  It has to be something I would wear to work, because I won’t have enough time to run home before I have to meet him.  So here are my thoughts.  Option 1 – a short black dress, zips up the back (so no buttons to deal with), black tights, and possibly my red pumps.  Option 2 – black wrap dress (and yes I'm aware of the dangers of a wrap dress), fun black tights and maybe black boots.  Obvi I think black is a good way to go – nice and slimming!  I just don’t know what way to go.  I need help!!  This is one down fall of not having a roommate – Sydney ALWAYS told me when I looked like an idiot and when I was date ready! 

So the decision is in your hands – HELP ME!!  And, as always, other thoughts/ideas are welcome!


  1. Go for option 1. It sounds fun with the red pumps and all. Go get 'em, Lizzie.

  2. I vote for option one as well :-) The wrap dress sounds like it could be trouble