Sunday, February 6, 2011

Super Bowl XLV (Because We Can’t Just Say “Super Bowl 45”)

I do enjoy watching football and all, but I’d like to take some time to recap the most important parts of the big game. Besides being able to eat fun food - the singing, the commercials & halftime are really the most essential aspects of the game!

The Singing:
Oh Christina! I always have your back, girl, but tonight – what the heck happened!? I liked the sound of her voice – but maybe a few more lyric rehearsals were in order! She forgot half the song! Sad spice! However – Lea Michelle – you continue to impress! Beautiful voice and you did America proud – and you know how I feel about the good ‘ol U S of A! It’s just too bad she didn’t sing the Anthem – maybe next year!

The Commercials:

Among My Favorites:
• Brisk – the Eminem cartoon – amazing. I also have a weird obsession with Eminem and it brings back fond memories of college and going to see 8 Mile with my girlfriends. After the movie we left with our hoods up and played rap music on our drive back to campus with the windows down. A total badass group we were!
• Bridgestone – reply-all commercial – because we’ve all been there. Remind me to share my best “reply-all” story with you!
• Volkswagen – Darth Vader kid – it just made me laugh – I loved how he was just marching around in that costume - classic!
• E-Trade – that talking baby – never fails!
• Best Buy – Ozzy & Bieber – HILAR! I totally hearted that for some unknown reason!
• Chrysler – Detroit - one word “Eminem” – please refer to my love for him in the first bullet.

Worst/Wish I Could Get Back A Few Minutes Of My Life:
• Doritos – with the 2 guys and one wanted the others Doritos and so he licked his fingers and took his pants off– it made me uncomfortable.
• – the one when Joan Rivers is revealed to be the next “girl” – I just thought it was really weird!
• Android - broken robot thing – I hated everything about that! The creepy guys in the corner of the room, the “wrapping up” of its robot arm – I just really didn’t care for that one!
• Ford – New York City commercial. Not sure this was nation-wide or just local – but it was with the song “Empire State” in the background and trying to sell Ford cars while flashing “New York” across the screen – newsflash – NO ONE in NYC owns a car – and those that are rich enough to own a car – probably aren’t driving Fords. Pretty sure that was a waste of some serious cash!
• Sketchers – Kim K – I didn’t hate this by any means – I just feel like there was so my hype around it and it really wasn’t that big of a deal. I was just very indifferent to the whole thing. Just not one of my favs.

I felt like I was on a rollercoaster – I loved and then hated, up and down through the whole thing. Loved their entrance! One of my fave songs – maybe it will be a “good night”! However, they didn’t sound the greatest – Fergie’s mic was not working properly at first and she just didn’t sound that good. They sounded like they were just shouting, instead of signing. The glow people – still not sure how I feel about them, but owning one of those suites might be in order! And then came Slash – up from the floor – pretty much amazing! But then Fergie started signing – epic fail. He sounded great – her not so much. And then the group just continued to sing/shout. I don’t know if they couldn’t hear the music or what was going on – but it was just a big mess. Enter Usher – loved his flying in and all – but he sounded bad too – he was like whispering. Although – his dancing – never fails – he’s just so smooth! So then they were trying to spread the “love”. It was ok – but again with the shouting. And then the glow suits – were red glowing suits – unreal. Hated the hearts they formed. And then the “lampheads” took the stage! What is next?! Oh just your average “wave” of glow people. All in all – I give it a 5 out of 10. I just really wasn’t feeling it and I thought their vocals needed a lot of work! Effects were ok – but really not enough to carry the performance!

So that was my 2 cents. I would love to hear your take on the big game!! And by that I mean not your take on the actual game – I don’t really care about that! Ok – off to watch the best part – the Glee episode after the game!!

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