Tuesday, February 22, 2011

High School Heinousness Chapter 1: Benched

First off – I’d like to thank all of you that offered up your opinions for my date tomorrow night.  I’m gonna go with Option 1!  And of course – I’ll give you all a full recap after the fact!

Now for today’s post.  I’m sitting here watching Glee, which is by far one of my fave shows, and it’s jogging my memory a bit.  I’ve been thinking back to my high school days.  To say I didn’t care for high school is prob an understatement.  I hated it.  I just really didn’t enjoy it one bit.  Of course I had my moments of OMG this is awesome – but as a whole, I would never want to go back!  I mean I wasn’t a total loser or anything – I had friends, I was in “smart classes”, I played sports, was in the play (that was cool), student council, and in about everything club under the sun.  The main problem was I was in a class of “mean girls”.  They were just not nice!  I did def have friends and all – but it was a tough group!  High school just brought so much dramz.  So I was thinking back to a few of my most embarrassing/ridiculous times in high school and thought I’d begin to share them with you.  Of course, I can’t let them all out at once – so here’s the first installment!

I think it was my junior year.  I was a field hockey player back then and I was starting varsity – best thing ever.  I was at practice and we had a big game that week.  We had just started our season, so these first few were important to me to try to “keep my spot” on varsity.  So we had to go out for a long run, our coach was like a running lunatic – she didn’t run – but thought it was fun to pretend we were all on the track team.  On the “trail” that we had to go on, we passed the boys soccer team.  Trying to be the suave person you all know, I decided that it would be in my best interest to sprint and make it look like I was such a fast runner in front of them.  So my friend and I started out on this brilliant plan.  I was running so sexy and fast that I neglected to realize that there was a wooden bench right in front of me.  I was at top speed, like I’m talking full out sprint, and I ran right into the bench!  My leg cracked right into the end of the bench.  I flew in the air and landed on the ground.  So not embarrassing at all!  And all of this was going down in front of the boy’s soccer team – and I wondered why I didn’t have a boyfriend in high school?!  I rolled over and my friend was hovering over me in shock of what just went down.  My right shin was gushing blood and turning purple.  I couldn’t even put any weight on it.  I had to limp into the trainer and have her take a look.  She took one look at me and freaked out.  She yelled for me to get up on the table quickly as she was running over to get bags of ice.  I laid there and she told me to “hang on”.  She then proceeded to grind ice into my leg – as I laid there white knuckled – seriously worst pain ever!  I couldn’t even yell, cry, nothing could even come out – agonizing!  She said that if she didn’t do that, then I wouldn’t be able to walk for a week because I’d have a ginormous hematoma on my leg.  Awesome!  So she wrapped me up and off I limped.  Oh and I didn’t mention that I was not allowed to play field hockey for at least a week.

I then had to explain to my coach why I couldn’t play and my parents and the teachers and kids/friends that asked why I had the enormous ace bandage wrapping up my entire leg.   And I’m sure you can imagine that everyone took this information and was nothing but concerned and sympathetic about what happened (I mean besides my parents).  They had a field day – not even my teachers held back!  Again – not embarrassing at all.  Obvi I laughed it off and lol’d about it (while crying myself to sleep at not) – but really it was just one more reason why high school wasn’t the “best years of my life”.  

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