Monday, January 24, 2011

Flashing Someone on the First Date = Awkward

I’m so excited that I had a date. I went out and bought a brand new dress – thinking I’m so cute! It’s had these lil tiny gold buttons up the front and it took me like 20 minutes to button myself and my fingers were practically bleeding – but I looked cute damnit! So I was meeting this guy and of course Ruby and I decide it’s in my best interest to have a few glasses of wine before I go, to calm my nerves and all. So we go down to the bar in our office building and get 3 glasses of wine – whoops- Lizzie is a lil tipsy! So I go to meet him and he’s already there. I’m so frazzled and of course sweating (again – a lil thing about me – major sweating problem – so attractive!). So he asks if he can get me a glass of wine – I of course oblige. Then we go over to a more “intimate” part of the bar so we can talk. So I go to take my snap up coat off and snap all the buttons and I’m trying to get my arms out when I look down and low and behold my dress is unbuttoned down to my bellybutton! Yes – my whole bra and stomach are hanging out and of course I panic. I don’t do the logical thing and put my coat back on – oh no – I try to wrestle with my coat and flail about like a lunatic trying to get it off as quickly as possibly so I can make myself descent once again – all the while saying “haha I don’t normally do this on the first date (awkward laugh)”. Let’s just say the date was fine – but he did not call back!

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