Thursday, January 27, 2011

Bad Date #47

So I’m on this date with this guy that I had just met. He asked me to meet him at this trendy wine bar at 6:30 pm. So of course I’m obvi there on time (if you don’t know I’m a lil anal/ OCD – especially when it comes to time). He rolls in at 7:15 – no apologies – nothing! Right off the bat I’m annoyed. He then sits down and we start chatting. He of course, only talks about himself and asks me no questions. Then he begins to tell me that he doesn’t believe in marriage and thinks it’s a horrible idea – Oh I’m sorry what is the point of this date?!?! So then I’m just trying to wrap things up ASAP and we get the check. He says to me that we can just split it – despite the fact that I had a $6 glass of wine and he had a $30 WINE FLIGHT!! I say fine, I just wanted to leave and throw down the money. As we’re saying goodbye and I’m going to get my coat on, I have my back turned, he goes, “well good to meet you, have a good night, I see some people I know…” as I hear him trailing off. I can’t even get up quick enough before he’s gone to this table of girls! I was like – ok well, you’re a real treat! I was so annoyed I threw my scarf on and walked out in a huff!

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  1. Sort of reminds me of the date I went on where the guy emphatically stated that his future wife was going to have to sign a prenup because he wasn't paying for her to sit on her "fat ass" after they got divorced. I mean really, who says that on a first date or any date?! Needless to say, that was the first, last and only time I saw that guy!