Tuesday, January 25, 2011

To Match Or Not To Match – THAT Is The Question!

So I’m going back and forth and trying to figure out if this is something that I want to do or not. I’ve been down this road before and hated every second of it. But, I do feel like it would provide you all endless laughs (at my expense) and it would give me new material. I mean I know that I’m new to this city and it may be a good source of meeting new people. And it’s not like meeting guys at bars is soooo easy! And for those reasons I think it would be good. I mean – it’s a free drink (most of the time) and you never know who you’ll meet.

However, on the flip side, quite frankly I hate it. I hate feeling like I’m “paying” for love. I hate sorting the good from the bad. I hate the awkward first dates. I hate having all those creepsters email me and say things like (and these are direct quotes) “Ok, time to hit eBay to find that shiny armor to go with my white horse”, “Hey gorgeous. How are you today?”, and one of my personal favorites “yonight I'm cooking you an AMAZING dinner at my condo in Arlington (Courthouse Area). Afterwards renting a romantic dvd at Hollywood Video and chillin' and enjoyin each other's company. All other plans you had are officially cancelled! :)”. Oh, I'm sorry...what?!?! Are those amazing sentiments supposed to make me swoon?! So after those fine words, I hope you can see why I may be hesitant.

So I’ll leave this decision up to you. Tell me what I should do!! Do I suck it up and embrace the creeps of NYC or do I tuck up in my apartment and hope Prince Charming comes knocking on my door?!


  1. one thing i'm quickly learning is that its best to approach dating with no shame whatsoever. do it! :)

  2. As someone who met their husband on match, I say go for it. Weed through the creeps to find prince charming! Plus while you look you will get more material for your blog

  3. Agreed. Just do it! You never know! :)