Monday, January 24, 2011

Guilty Pleasures

So it’s come to my attention that my so-called “guilty pleasures” may be getting in the way of my dating life. I mean kind of a problem – but I’m not sure I’m ready to remedy this situation! Let me break this down for you. Every night, well Monday – Thursday, I have certain TV shows that I need to watch. My schedule is as follows:

Monday – 90210 & Gossip Girl
Tuesday – Glee & Hellcats
Wednesday – Modern Family & Real Housewives of either BH, OC, NJ, or NY
Thursday – The Office, 30 Rock & Jersey Shore
And while I’m admitting things – I do enjoy a good Jerseylicious on Sunday nights followed by the Kardashians & maybe Holly’s World

That being said – you can understand that with that kinda line up – a girl stays busy! So this guy, that I will say I’m not really feeling, asked me to grab a drink one night this week. And I can’t really believe that I’m admitting this – but I told him the only day I could do something was Tuesday (knowing full well that Glee was a repeat). What is wrong with me?! And he can’t do Tuesday night – so my response was “well maybe next week”. I know that if I was really excited – I’d be all over it, but I mean I’d rather be watching my shows than go out! Am I wrong?! Please validate these guilty pleasures!!

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