Thursday, April 7, 2011


Here’s the thing – I have some sort of syndrome/issue.  Every freaking time I get caught off guard/someone comes into my office/I have to talk to a group of people unexpectedly/etc. – I turned PURPLE/RED and immediately start SWEATING!  It has nothing to do with being embarrassed or hot or even shy – its some sort of “red-sweatitis” – I think that’s the medical term.  It’s seriously starting to get RULL old. 

For example (and I have a million) – take today.  My work crush came into my office to just “say hi” and chat.  The second I turned around and saw him in my doorway – this was me…

And here’s the thing – I wasn’t embarrassed at ALL to talk to him.  I was not hot - I was actually quite comfortable with the room temperature.  So why was this happening?!?  And the more that I thought about it – the worse it got.  And then I was even more awkward.  I wasn’t even doing anything weird when he walked in – I was actually working!  So while we were chatting – I could feel the flushness going down and my sweating was coming to a halt.  I tried as best I could to just carry on a normal conversation and interaction.  But the damage was done.  I was/am MORT.TI.FIED. that this happens when he catches me off gaurd.  I had seen him the day before in the kitchen, when I walked in, and nothing – no problems.  What is wrong with me?! 

I think the main cause is when I get caught off guard.  When I know I’m going to see him, or know that I have to give a speech – I’m totally fine.  Calm, cool & collected.  Well that might be exaggerating a bit – but you get the point.  It’s just awful though.  I mean the sweating is bad enough – but my whole face turns red and it travels down my neck!  Atrocious!  It’s just so obvious and out there!

So my question to all of you – is anyone with me?!  Am I in this alone?!  And if you know what I’m going through/suffer from red-sweatitis – do you have any advice?!  HELP ME!!

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  1. Totally can relate! I turn red in the face and get all splotchy on my neck and chest whenever I get nervous, anxious, excited, embarrassed, drink alcohol, breathe (jk)... pretty much anything sets it off. I threw it out there as an "oh by the way" question to my doctor once and she said it was probably a histamine thing and there wasn't much you can do to fix it. Whomp whomp....