Monday, April 11, 2011

Wit or Witout

This past weekend, I had the pleasure of visiting my dear friend Isabella in the old City of Brotherly Love. Of course this did not go down without a few interesting encounters/situations along the way!

I got on the train to head down there and I knew from the get-go I was not going to get my own "seat" - which I love. It was so crowded and people were just pouring on. Of course the guys in suites and pretty faces just kept passing me by - therefore my visions of being engaged by the time I hit 30th Street Station were quickly coming to an end. However the person that did sit next to me was more conducive to my ever present "luck". First off he yells "can I sit there", before he even reached the seat. My reaction, "really?!" and then I moved my bag to make room. He then throws down like 3 slices of pizza (which was weird because it was 4pm) and then takes about 20 minutes to get his bags up, situated, etc. After he finally sits down and finishes up his "snack", he pulls out his laptop. Accompanied with the smallest, littlest, brightest ORANGE mouse I've ever seen. It looked a little something like this:

After he gets all up and running on his laptop, I glance over and realize his screen saver is polar bears - which I just found to be a little odd. And then he opened up his iTunes and again, I glanced over - being the curious person I am. Just wanted to see what kinda jams this guys into. Pretty sure he had mostly things from the Madagascar soundtrack. NBD. I mean maybe he had kids or something -who am I to judge - I just didn't even realize that movie constituted having/buying a soundtrack. Sooo that was my ride. And then I had to wait in line in the rain for a cab and I hated my cab driver - but alas I made it Isabella's apt and all was right!

We met my brother and his fiancé for a great dinner at Melograno. For those of you in Philly or visiting soon - this place is a must! It's so delish. And the best part is - it's BYOB! I had the gnocchi special that was so good! After dinner Isabella and I stopped in for a drink at a local bar and then headed home. We were both exhausted and thought wine and a movie on a rainy Friday night sounded just perfect!

After much deliberating, we decided to rent Burlesque.

First let me preface, that I love dancing movies. Second I'm a Christina fan - I know she hasn't been "on her game" recently - but she'll get back there - I have faith. And let me tell you - it did not disappoint. Was it by most standards "awful" - absolutely - which means by my "fun movie" standards - I would love it. It def had the same feel as Coyote Ugly - which again is one of my fave movies of all time to watch on TV on a Sunday. A few things worth noting about this movie: 1. Christina is not the best "actress" 2. The lead guy is pretty hot 3. It's very "dramatic" 4. The "unrealness" of this is pretty much amazing.

Saturday morning was sooo nice out. We took Isabella's dog for a little walk and grabbed coffee. We then had a nice relaxing morning! Her sister came over and we all grabbed lunch. Actually it's worth noting that on our way to lunch I saw this woman walking towards me with crazy bohemian dress of sorts and one of those winter "jester" hats on her head. Of course Isabella knew her - apparently she was the dog walker. After they chatted for a few minutes the woman said "ok gotta go! Tell your dog I said 'Arf'!" Her sister and I both looked at each other with the same "what just happened" look on our faces. Isabella wasn't really phased. Our lunch was great and entertaining. There was a birthday party going on behind us for a little boy. It was just a few sets of parents and about 5 kids under the age of 5. They were being good, no problems. Then one boy who was about 2 (and sitting in a "regular" chair) fell backwards and onto the floor. Obviously crying ensued - totally understandable he was scared and he hit is head. That's traumatic. So then the parents put him back in the chair (he clearly should have been in a highchair/booster seat). Within about 5 minutes, same thing happened. Crying, omg'ing, whole nine. Ok - fine - please now learn your lesson. But nope! Three times a charm! The kid went back in the seat - rinse & repeat. WHAT THE F?! Why did they not learn their lesson the first 2 times this happened. After the third time we had to leave, but as we turned around we saw that they were putting him BACK IN THE SAME SEAT!! I'm pretty certain he fell at least one more time. When will they learn?!

The rest of the afternoon was spent walking around the city and enjoying the sites. We sat in the park for a little bit - it was great people watching! Had a few cocktails outside.  I had read about one of Justin Timberlake's fav drinks - and let me tell you - it did not disappoint.  It's vodka, sprite & grapefruit juice.  Very refreshing!  Saturday was also one of Isabella's friends' birthdays - his name is Pat. We all went out for drinks/dinner. It was a fun, low key night - we were responsible and home at a reasonable hour! One of my favorite parts of the night was at this bar we went to. The bartender would let you play him in Connect Four (the board game) and if you beat him, he'd buy your group a round.

Pat played like 4 times in a row - no dice. This bartender was like a Connect Four genius! I think the quote I had emailed to myself, so I wouldn't forget, sums up the night. "I became a robot temporarily.   Deal with it" - Pat.

Sunday always comes too soon and back on the train I went - NYC bound. This time I got my own seat! Now it's back to the grind for another fun filled week!!

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