Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Why Do I Do These Things To Myself?!

I’m completely exhausted today.  No not because I went out and had a fun crazy night last night.  No not because I was up all night talking to the man of my dreams.   Not even because I’m an insomniac.  No – I’m exhausted because I was up way past my bedtime watching Teen Mom 2 – Dr. Drew Check-Up.  It was like a complete train wreck – I COULD NOT stop watching!  For any of you out there that watch the show – you’ll know why I was sucked in.  I mean seriously – it just captures you!  Here’s a little recap of what went down. 

Leah – seriously let me first say that out of all of them, and this isn’t saying a lot, she is the most normal.  And the most orange – but I digress.  

Her and Corey do seem to love each other – not sure it’ll last – but I think they have the best shot.  Their poor little girl (they actually have twins) is “not normal”.  I’m still not sure what the deal is, but something isn’t right and they don’t seem to know what’s wrong either.  But honestly – I think they are trying so hard and have a shot at making it work!  I mean that and their baby wears glasses – she just looks so cute – it’s a rare thing – baby in glasses!

Kailyn – so full disclosure – I couldn’t stand Kailyn during this season.  I found her annoying and blah and she was always sulking and having a “womp womp” face on.  

However, I must say after last night, she kinda grew on me.  I think she’s really come into her own.  I think Joe is a jerk, immature, really likes her/cares for her, but needs to figure out how to deal with his feelings.  Anyway – she’s really trying hard to make it all work and do it all on her own.  Keep it up!

Chelsea – oh Chelsea!  

Pull yourself together girl!  That douche-bag, Adam, is never gonna change!  Get rid of him!  Your dad and family and friends know best – you’re better off and so is Aubrey.  You can do it without him and his stupid hat & wrap around sunglasses.  Oh and that stupid beard.  HATE.  

Listen to your father!!!

Jenelle – I have no words for her.  I can’t stand her and I think she’s a little biotch.  She needs to pull her shiz together and start acting like an adult.  I know her mom seems harsh – but seriously after having to put up with her – I’d prob be the same.  WORST!!  And that poor little boy – he just looks so sad and bewildered all the time.  

His life is so chaotic.  Poor little pumpkin!  Leave him with Barb and let him try to have a normal life!!

There you have it.  How did you feel about this season?? 

Sorry for the half-asses post – but I just didn’t have much in me!  I’m thoroughly spent!  Plus this gross weather is NOT helping my tiredness.  Anyways – Modern Family is almost on!!  Best part of my Wednesday nights!!  

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  1. 1. I was obsessed w/ the Dr. Drew Check-up, and I feel the same way about all of the girls(esp. Kailyn, I couldn't stand her until this check-up). At least Jenelle left Keifer.
    2. Modern Family is the best part of my Wednesday too!

    - Shakira