Thursday, October 20, 2011

Just a Little Rant

So I'm struggling today to come up with a "topic".  I'm kinda in a bad mood - so I don’t really want to talk - period - buuuutttt for you all I'm trying to make an exception!!  I think I'll go with a little list of a few things:
1.  I went to the gym the other day (not going to say how long it had been) and I was done with my cardio and ready to stretch/do my sit-ups.  I go over to where the mats are and obvi it's crowded - it was like 6 pm on a Tuesday night - that's when everyone goes.  So that's fine - I find a little sliver on the mat, throw down my towel and start my routine.  I glance over to my right and there are 2 people (clearly a couple) that are literally just laying there doing nothing.  Like people  are waiting for spots - but these 2 are just laying there - kinda rolling around.  So I get back to doing what I'm doing and try to stay focused - don’t get annoyed.  About 5+ minutes later I realize that now it's just the 2 of them and me on this mat.  All like scrunched into the corner - and then they start flirty flirt and making out.  I'm sorry - this is neither the time NOR the place for this!!  

I'm literally fuming at this point - who does that?!  Finally I just got up and left and some girl glanced and me and gave me a "look" when I was leaving - like can you believe them?!  People are seriously insane.
2.  I tried to get the new iPhone last night (4s) - it will be my very first one!!  And you can "reserve" them starting at 9pm the night before and then pick them up the next day.  Well it's like hella difficult to get one like this and it's so stressful.  Well of course I get access 3 separate times but freaking Apple decides not to accept my password!!!  I'm on the phone with them and they are all "yah that's the password/ID - must just be a glitch and so many people trying to do this now" - oh really - is that what it is?!  

Thank you sir - now I've lost 3 phones and when you finally "fixed" it - they were sold out.  FML.
3.  I hit a taxi with my umbrella yesterday because I was angry it didn't obey the "walk" sign that I clearly had.  

I mean my umbrella was open and I just let it hit into the taxi - I didn't pull a complete Britney - although I would have enjoyed that.

4.  I'm heading to my 'ole alma mater this weekend.  Color me a dork - but I was accepted into this "leadership" program that they are doing.  I loved school a lot - I know - nerd alert!  So I was really excited for this opportunity - PLUS I get to go back to campus!  AND Sydney got accepted too - look out - things are gonna get cray cray.  We've already decided that we can't go near certain areas of campus tomorrow night for fear of being "sucked in".  We have to be at our "retreat" at 8 AM Saturday morning - serious!  BUT we have nothing on Sunday so things are gonna get wild - PS its also alumni weekend - so I'll prob come back married to someone celebrating their 10 year reunion - I'm just saying. 
So sorry I'm not sorry for this little rant.  It was actually quite therapeutic!  Have wonderful weekends lovelies!!!  XOXO
PS - You're welcome for this...

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