Tuesday, October 11, 2011

This Is Happening - Take One

Is it weird that I have "Spice Up Your Life" in my head?!  No clue.  Also I had a strange encounter this morning - I was in the elevator and it was pretty full.  This woman in my building was in there, too.  She is older and known to be a lil cooky. Someone was trying to get on, so I looked behind me (it was the wall), there was NOTHING there so I stepped back and leaned against the wall.  Next thing I know this woman's arm is around my waist!  Like full on around my waist.  
WTF?!  What just happened - why is this happening.  She looks at me and smiles weirdly and says "OOPS".  Wait what?!  That was not an "oops", there was nothing accidental about it.  Then thankfully the doors opened and I could escape.  Why is this my life?!
Anywho - y'all the girls came rolling through this past weekend and let me tell you - bitches be crazy.  Things got slightly out of control.  I’m going to have to break this into 2 parts.  Buckle up - it was a bumpy ride!
I woke up Saturday morning at 11 am to find Ruby next to me, Kit on the couch (sans blankets), and Sydney basically sitting straight up in the big chair/ottoman situation I have.  I stand up - can hardly move - my body just hated me - turn the corner to find my front door open.  What happened?!  Cut to the night before…
After much pacing and waiting the girls finally arrived!!  Yay!  They freshened up quick and then we were off to dinner at Neely's (such a good place - food is delish)!!  Normally our first nights are pretty low key, we realize we only have one "big" night in us, now that we are old hags.  So while at dinner we decided to have a few drinks - I think you see where this is going. Then we figured - it's NYC - we have to go out for a little bit.  So we went to this neighborhood bar - Redemption and found a table in the back.  I should also note that the first table we had to move because we were by the speakers and it was "too loud". So we went to the back and got our little area.  We got our first Red Bulls and we were off to the races!  The DJ was playing really fun music, so obvi we had to bust out our stellar dance moves.  
Sydney had a "friend" that was going to meet up with us, so he arrived.  Kit and I found ourselves chatting up these 2 guys.  One was married and telling us about his little girls (they were from California - here on business) - it was nice/cute.  The other was just chatting away, buying us drinks.  He was kinda cute - so I figured - what the hell!  Then he asked me to dance….sooo to the dance floor!  About 10 minutes later he almost kissed me and I see Kit coming flying at me.  This was our exchange:
Kit:  He's married - he's freaking married!
  What - no he's not - he tried to kiss me!
  He's married!!  His friend just told me!
 What?!?  There's no ring!
  YUP - he put it in his pocket!!!
By the time we turned around - they were gone.  Like ran out of the bar.  So gross.  Why does this happen to me?!  I hate it - can't I just meet a normal guy?!  Why is this so hard???  Ok enough of me ranting…back to the story!
Kit, Ruby and I proceed to twirl around some more - fully taking advantage of the dance floor clearing out.  I somehow got a hold of some guys Yankees hat and took a liking to it - Sydney called me "gangsta" - I mean it's no big deal.  I was pretty bad ass.  Finally we thought it would be appropriate to go home.  Sydney felt she needed some "more time" with her "friend". Obviously I thought a huddle was the only way of dealing with this.  So we "huddled up" and "discussed".  Not sure what happened in there, but next thing me, Kit & Ruby were on our way home.  As we were leaving - we were approached by some guy who only said this:
Guy:  You girls want some coke?
  Is this happening?
  You mean like soda?
As you can see we are not well versed in these situations.  Basically we all started running.  We made it to my apartment, after a brief chat with my doorman and immediately ordered pizza.  Oh did I mention that we got home at 4:30 AM - what the what?! The pizza was amazing - best ever - obviously.  We watched Family Ties and all fell into bed around 6 am.  At 7:30 am I hear a knocking at my door - wasn't quite sure what was happening.  I open it and Sydney comes flying through yelling "This is happening"!  
She then proceeds to dive onto the chair and we all went back to sleep.  Apparently sometime between then and 11 am - Ruby got up and opened the door - we think she got a little disoriented - stood by Sydney for a little bit and then got back into bed.  Hence the door being wide opened when we woke up! 
OMG what a night - an amazing start to the weekend.  We all woke up looked at each other for a few minutes and collectively said - who do we think we are and why did we think we could do that?!  SLASH - best night ever!  We then got dressed and strolled out for some breakfast.  Obviously I ran into my boss and his 2 year old son - totally normal.  I was in a full on sweat suit with my hair on top of my head, no make up and looking fresh to death.  Once again - why is this my life?! 
Tune in tomorrow for another installment of "THIS IS  HAPPENING"! 

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