Thursday, July 28, 2011

Gone Fishin'

Hello world!!  I'm sorry for the lack of attention - work - again - has been crazy!  But I enjoyed my small, little beach vacay and got some much needed sun!  I just have to push through this day and I'm outa here!!  A short 3 hour train ride to DC and then it's Girls Gone Wild in DCL part 2 (or maybe more).  Deep Creek Lake here we come!  Me, Ruby, Sydney, Hillary, Coco & Kit are heading out there for a long weekend.  Hopefully we won't get locked out this time!  I'm sure by Monday I'll have a  few stories to share - so I'll be sure to post then.  OH and I'm also seeing Britney Spears on Sunday night -  don't judge me - I'm more excited than a 12 year old girl seeing the Jonas Brothers at the mall!  I can't even wait.  SOOOO I'm out - "gone fishin'" be back next week!  I'm so stoked!!  DCL & Britney in one weekend - I can't deal!!  XOXO

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