Friday, August 5, 2011

Things That Annoy Me - Friday Edition

Happy Friday! Hope you are all as tired and miserable as I am - is this day over yet?! I thought a fitting post today would be another edition of "Things That Annoy Me"! Just 2 for today - that's all I can really handle.

1. People that tell stories that pointless. True story - I was on the subway the other day and this was the story that I overheard a girl telling her friend.

  • "Kevin had ice water on the table and I came in and drank it. And he was like 'did you drink my water?' And I was like 'yah was it yours?'. And he was like 'yah you can have it!' Omg like omg! Isn't that hilarious?!"

Ok first off - there was zero point to that story. No one cares that you drank some one's water and there was no reaction. If he flipped out or did something crazy - then yes - by all means - please retell it. But he didn't. Kevin simply said "you can have it". End of story. And second - that is so far from omg-ing and hilarious. At not one point in that story did I even giggle or smirk. Now I know I don’t know the players - but I'll tell you - I think her friend was on the same page that I was. Just don’t tell it. OR if you do - please own up at the end that it was pointless or really not that interesting - don’t play it off like it was the best story you've ever told.

2. People that do not say "thank you". How hard is it to utter those 2 little words when someone does something for you?! Someone holds the door - you say thank you. Someone picks something up for you - you say thank you. This isn't a hard/new concept. This morning I was walking to my elevator and got on. As I was getting on, I noticed a girl down the hall walking towards the elevators. Being nice - I held it for her - for a few seconds I might add. She simply walks on - doesn’t say a word.

Oh, I'm sorry what?! Are you serious?! I could have left your ass and you don’t even have the decency to say "thank you"!?! I was livid - who raised you?!

So that's it - I'm getting crankier in my old age! I hope you all have great weekends!!  XOXO


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