Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Turn That "Womp Womp" Mood Around!

Hello world! So today I'm kinda having a bit of a "womp womp" day. Nothing is "wrong", but just nothing is "right". Everything just feels a bit "off". Like I could completely break down in tears at any second.  I'm just not feeling the love today.

I'm trying to just focus on fun things. AKA a recently planned trip for Sydney & Kit to come up to NYC to "live my life" for a weekend. Things like that are getting me through this little funk.

Last night I saw The Change Up with Ryan Reynolds & Jason Bateman.

I thought it was pretty funny. Those 2 can really do no wrong by me - so I was laughing before I even got there. There were a few things I didn't "care for", but as a whole I thought it was funny and def worth seeing. I also love Leslie Mann - she is hilarious.

She just really nails that "housewife" role in every movie she does. I think her timing is impeccable and her chemistry with both Ryan & Jason was on point. I think she's genius. I also really enjoyed Olivia Wilde.

Again the chemistry was spot on and I thought she played the part very well. I'm trying not to give anything away - because I loathe when people do that - so I'm sorry for being so "cryptic".

Speaking of people who can do no wrong by me - I recently had the opportunity to see Jimmy Fallon live- doing his stand up.

And let me tell you - I basically peed my pants. He is so freaking funny I can't even stand it. He just doesn't disappoint. And it's "clean" non-offensive hilariousness. I just totally heart him and would marry him and have his children if he didn't already have a wife. I mean really - that is the ONLY thing standing in my way! He's just so adorably hysterical. Robin Williams (NBD) also happened to be sitting next to me and he shared my views on him - he laughed so loud I thought he stopped breathing for a second.  Not gonna lie - I was right there with him!

Here were a few of my fave jokes/bits (they might be more funny in person):

• He sang a song "Carwash for Peace" about a carwash he'd like to hold to raise money for peace in the Middle East and he was going to hold it across from the Wal-Mart Super Center.
• He discussed water guns these days and how ridiculous they are compared to the plastic ones we grew up with and how we used to have to fill ours up and hope that little plastic "plug" that was all chewed up didn't fall out - and obviously it only lasted like 5 squirts. Now they have these machine gun types with back up amo and back packs filled with water.
• He did his "Thank You Notes" and my favorite was: thank you man named Lloyd for spelling your name with 2 L's, because if you only spelled it with 1 - we might pronounce your name: Loyd.

He did a bunch of other funny things - basically I had tears streaming down my face and couldn't breath. I was doubled over in laughter - I totally heart him.

Ok just remembering those things seemed to shift my mood a bit. I even giggled when I was writing about Jimmy. I hope you are all enjoying your "Hump Day"! Until next time and hopefully then I won't be such a Debbie Downer!!

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