Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Hit Me With Your Best Shot!

On my way to work today I almost got hit by a car. In turn that jogged my memory a bit and I realized that not only have I been hit by a car - but I've also been hit by a biker. And I'm here to tell the tales!

The first incident was the biker incident. I was leaving the gym on a nice hot summer evening. My gym was in a strip mall - so basically you walk out onto a sidewalk. So I opened the door and I was reaching in my bag for my keys when all of a sudden I hear yelling. I wasn't sure where it was coming from and then I looked to my right and barreling down the sidewalk was this woman on a bike and she was heading right for me.

It all happened in such a split second I didn't even have time to react. Next thing I knew I was on the ground, basically straddling a bike and this woman was lying next to me. The receptionist from my gym came running out to help. I was bleeding, the bike was broken - it was a big mess - the other girl was totally fine though. The receptionist just kept yelling - "this is why bikes aren't ALLOWED on sidewalks! THEY ARE NOT ALLOWED!!" I was glad that she did the yelling because I just didn't have it in me. She took me inside, got me some ice, made sure I was ok to drive home. I got home and told my parents about the whole thing and the first thing my Dad said was "did you get her insurance information". Good joke, Dad!

The next incident involving the car happened more recently. Actually the day before Thanksgiving to be exact. I went to the grocery store with my sister to pick up some last minute things for my mom. We always have Thanksgiving at my house for about 30-40 people - so things tend to get a lil cray cray the day before! While we were leaving the grocery store and unloading our bags into the car, I was trying to be nice and bring the cart back up to where the guy was collecting them. On my way this old lady literally just backed her car into me and the cart - I stumbled a bit - but didn't fall. But the best part was - that she got mad at me! She started yelling and gave ME a dirty look! I was like lady - you just hit ME - are you serious?! Why is this happening!

Once again - this is what I get for trying to do a nice thing - not only going to the store for my mom -but also bring that cart up for the poor guy who has to run around collecting! For that I get hit by an old crazy lady!

So the next time your on your bike or backing out of a parking space - be sure to check and double check no one is behind/to the side/in front, etc. of you.  Because chances are good that it will probably be me.


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  2. That was really an awful encounter. But I think the lady in the car must be a little nervous during that time, as well. Bumping somebody isn’t easy to handle. The only consolation that we could get from this is that you were not badly hurt then. Otherwise, it would have been more terrifying.

    Kim E. Hunter