Thursday, May 5, 2011

Oh - Hello Polka Brothers!

Last night I went out with Hazel & Chase. I always knew going out with these two would be an adventure - they are just so fun and always up for anything. We were all just trying very hard not to forget that it was only Wednesday! Maybe not the best approach - but it did make for a fun night!

We started our interesting evening off at the Bierhaus -

I should've know it would be epic by this logo!
which any of you NYC'ers out there need to check out! Basically it's a bunch of "communal" tables, good beer, good food, and some interesting characters. Just beware - you can't "save" table space - I got in trouble about 3 times while waiting for the girls and one waitress literally came over and said "you have 2 minutes - I'm starting to count - now!" What?! Totally ridiculous! Thank God I looked up to see their little heads coming up the stairs! The only bad part about this place is that its really loud - so you have to yell/scream to have a conversation. And then, as we were sitting there, there was a little band setting up - so we knew it was about to get even louder! As we were in mid conversation all of a sudden the band started up - oh what kind of music you ask - that's right it was a POLKA band! Unreal! They are called the "Polka Brothers". Here's a lil pic - they're pretty bad-ass.

Pretty sure the guy with the piano-conductor hat was my favorite. So we were sitting there listening - first they played pretty traditional stuff. Then all of a sudden they busted out "You Shook Me All Night Long" - I'm sorry - what?! That song + an accordion = something you don’t hear everyday. Next thing I know they segue right into "I Don't Wanna Miss A Thing" - ok firing out the Aerosmith. It was truly amazing. So as I mentioned before there are only communal tables - so basically your sitting with strangers. Which is fine - people normally keep to themselves. Oh - but you forgot who you were dealing with. So in the midst of some German anthem-esque song I literally feel someone tickling my armpit and trying to lock arms with me.

Yes the 10 business men sitting next to us enjoyed the heritage song and were linked arm in arm and swaying back and forth. Basically I was "tickled" until I joined in. So disturbing on so many levels. So I grabbed Chase's arm and made her sway with me - Hazel took it upon herself to join in across the table from us! After that - we figured it was time for us to head out.

So we ventured to the next bar. Chase put about a million dollars into the jukebox - picked all these songs - then we decided it wasn't "fun" enough and left. The rest of the bar was in for quite a treat - about an hour of all our "faves"! While heading to the next place, Hazel thought it was only appropriate to start galloping like a horse (she had her "riding boots" on) and sing "Dog Days Are Over" to passer-bys. Hilarious - some enjoyed it more than others.

We hit up a few more bars before calling it a night - I mean it was Wednesday after all! Such a fun night - I feel like with Chase in the mix now (she just moved to NYC) things are about to get a little more crazy! This little trio has the potential to do some damage - watch out NYC!

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